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Things To Do in Donggang

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172 Reviews
Gaviota798This island is off the beaten path. I especially recommend going during spring or autumn. You can avoid the crowds, eat fresh seafood and enjoy the nature. It has been developed a lot the past years, but there are still some sweet spots you can see the stars.
99 Reviews
M43***66The praise and bad reviews are half of the letters. I went to this place to eat well. It is not as scary as the donkey friend said. It is very important to find the store. It costs money to use it naturally. The seafood is really very good. I can't find the second one for so much in the same price of seafood. If you don't come to the island, this family can't count as having come to this place. The environment of the island is now built is not bad. The landscape roads have been built on the mountain and the seaside. The boat ride is also much better than before. Overall, the Yellow Sea and these two islands are still recommended. [Cost-effective] Ludao Longtai Resort is very good. It is really good to advertise for the boss. It is that the problem that may exist on the island is that the puppet is too wet, sleeping is not very comfortable, it is best to bring a small blanket, and you must not eat fruit after eating seafood. Things, easy food poisoning and seafood, we a big brother has not listened to dissuade eating a watermelon, the overall feeling of the island is still very good.
135 Reviews
_We***67Dagu Mountain does not have too much gorgeous, simple country town With fresh seafood, characteristic yellow clams, mud snails, winter is the origin of strawberry for a long time, apricot and plum season in mid-July. You can’t eat them in other places. There is not too much nightlife in the city, but Gushan BBQ is also a must. I am a person who does not pursue too much. I don’t like the fast pace of the city or the boringness of the countryside. The small town met all my requirements. Go to the morning market in the morning to see the fresh seafood, climb the mountain at night, feel the best air, the living pavilion is comfortable, everyone is welcome to stroll around, but don’t embrace the prosperous heart like a big city, relax your mind and let Your rhythm can be eased. This is a good choice. In half a month, the apricot plums are ripe, you can go to the farm and pick the fruit first. If you want to come, I can be your guide!
89 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
聪明豆I feel that the hot spring here is the best hot spring in China. Whether it is the overall shape or the service facilities are very high. It is suitable for most people, and the food is very local. Our family will go to live for a few days every holiday. It is recommended that friends who have time can go to play.
80 Reviews
M40***18The sea and the sky are the same color, and the sky is vast. The facilities are complete, you can rent binoculars by mortgage your ID card, and you can rent bicycles for walking. Many bird watching platforms have been built by the sea, which is worth recommending. The tide was high when we went, but there were still flocks of birds flying by from time to time. Next time I have the opportunity to make up, it is worth taking the children to see it. The fisherman at the seaside opposite eats very well and is very affordable, and the inn at the back is also antique and very flavorful. It's a pity that time doesn't allow you to come and go in a hurry. We planned on the way back. Next time, we will stay at the inn, get up early to watch the birds, and transfer to the North Yellow Sea Hot Spring after lunch, which is perfect.
32 Reviews
雲英雄Small island, also known as Fairy Island. It was only in 1638 that ancestors who broke through the Guandong came to this island and lived and multiplied. "Beat the roe deer to scoop the fish, and the pheasant flies into the rice pot" is a true portrayal of people's livelihood. The elderly often said that eight years ago, if guests from outside the island came to the island, they would catch a lot of fish and crabs in the reef bay by the sea. Time flies, time flies. The world is changing rapidly, but the small island still retains this simple folk customs, thick, Zhuang Ning. There are ancient sea charms, the fresh and natural taste of the sea, small islands of different shapes, strange rocks, shells and white sand. The four seasons are distinct and the cultural legends are profound. Here is the battlefield of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. To pay tribute to the ancient battlefield, don't forget the national shame. You can watch the sunrise in the east for the first time, you can watch seabirds fly up close, you can leisurely sea fishing, and you can taste all kinds of seafood. Have a picnic on the campfire and relax the pressure of life... The small island is also known as the island of windmills, and it is also the largest jellyfish breeding base and oriental shrimp breeding base. People here go fishing in the morning glow and reap joy in the sunset. This is a virgin land that is ready to go, here is a simple harbor for you to find. The legend of Fairy Island looks forward to hearing from you. Picking shells on the beach, Yingge Yanwu and longing for your visit, welcome you to the beautiful island!

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Zhang IslandDandong,China

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Northern Yellow Sea Hot Spring ResortDandong,China

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Daichengshangu Leisure Tourism ResortDandong,China

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Yalv River WetlandDandong,China

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Donggang Travel Tips

About Donggang

Located on the north bank of the Yellow River in eastern Liaoning, Donggang (“East Harbor”) is separated from DPRK by a river and faces out toward the sea. Donggang is China's northernmost new port city. Donggang has an outstanding geographical location and serves as a transport hub between China, South Korea, and DPRK. It is also a key location on Eurasian transport routes. Within Donggang you will find travel destinations like the complex of ancient buildings at Dagu Mountain, the coastal wetlands at the mouth of the Yalu River, and the Dalu Island Resort.

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Oct 28, 2021
3 ~ 18
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Nov 1, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Donggang
Oct 28, 2021 Donggang Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 65%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:07/16:47
Donggang Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Donggang, including: Northern Yellow Sea Hot Spring Resort,Dalu Island,Zhang Island
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