East Azerbaijan
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Things To Do in East Azerbaijan

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燃烧生命的小胖妞The Royal Iran Mosque, also known as the "Blue Mosque", is located on the south side of Isfahan Square in Iran. It is a majestic dome-shaped Persian-style building. It is the most gorgeous one among the ancient mosques. The facade of the mosque is very simple, but the inlaid glass with exquisite patterns makes it extremely exquisite and gorgeous, which is amazing. Its vaults and minarets are decorated with Turkish blue tiles, inlaid with exquisite Arabic patterns and various geometric figures.
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东张西望望东西When strolling in Kandowan Village, I always wondered how difficult their normal life is. For me, a little cleaner, it’s unimaginable, but the children I see in the village are The angelic smile, maybe this kind of contrast, makes me think this village is quite interesting.
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晴天公仔Along the Aras River Valley to the San Stefano Monastery, the sky was lightly snowed, and the Azerbaijani train on the opposite bank of the Alas River made us excited for a while, and we all said that we would be able to visit Azerbaijan from here. I sighed again about the passport of my great celestial dynasty. The Abbey of San Stefano is hidden in a valley, lonely, and it is indeed suitable for penance. There is an Armenian church in the monastery. People come to visit and then someone opens the door. Then he stands by your side. After you leave, he locks the door and walks away. It's so quiet. This is also a world cultural heritage. After seeing a lot of Iranian mosques, I suddenly came to this deserted place and saw such a monastery, which made me completely forget that this is the land of Iran.
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晴天公仔This museum is very small, but the exhibits are still very interesting. The exhibits are cultural relics of various periods unearthed in Azerbaijan, Iran. My friends are very interested and came here twice.
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晴天公仔The monastery is in the secluded mountains, which means quiet and penance. On the day we went, it was snowing, and two cone-shaped domes suddenly emerged from the mountains, which was surprising. There are only a few of us tourists in the monastery, and the rest are silent. We wandered around and saw that the monastery was very beautifully decorated, and many early Catholic-style angels, holy spirits and crosses could be seen on the walls. In addition, the monastery is arched by a layer of brick and stone, which looks like a fortified castle. Climb the opposite mountain, you can see the panoramic view of the monastery, not big.
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当地向导行erVery beautiful inland lake, very worth visiting