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Things To Do in Eerguna

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北极星👦🏻 "Where do you want to go this weekend?" 👧🏻 "Let's go to the volcano to see the stars" 👦🏻 "Good ~" ✈️🚗🌋🌿🌌🌄✨🌋 There are Quaternary volcanic remnants on the southern edge of the Mongolian plateau, complete crater, two volcanic chains in the northeast and northwest, like a string of pearls scattered on the grassland ~ 🌋 Say go on the trip Weekends are also completely available for two days. The blue sky and white clouds of the grasslands, the spectacular volcanic groups, the romantic starry sky, the beautiful sunrise fire clouds, although a little tired, but harvested full ~◾️Relevant information: 📍Location: Inner Mongolia, Ulanchabu City, Chahar Right Wing Houqi, Ulanhada Volcano Geopark. 🎫 Tickets: Free 🆓🚗 Traffic: It is convenient to drive to, and the road conditions are very good. 🍴 Restaurant: There is no restaurant in the park. There are snack and drink stalls on volcano 3. It is recommended to buy delicious food in advance. ◾️ itinerary: ▪️ Saturday: Shanghai Hongqiao ✈️ Hohhot, MU5459/06:35-09:40, landing rental car self-driving, 3 hours to arrive. Tour volcano No. 3, No. 5, No. 6, No. 7 and No. 8 in turn. Specific information is looked back. Wait for sunset, shoot the starry sky. ▪️ Sunday: rise early to see the sunrise, shoot the windmill grassland along the way. After high-speed return to the downtown Hohhot to eat and go shopping. Hohhot ✈️ Shanghai Hongqiao. MU8393/19:10-21:50◾️ Photo TIPS: ▪️ Volcano Group is very suitable for aerial photography. Anyone with a drone must bring it, but the wind is super strong there, so be sure to pay attention to safety. ▪️ Costume preparation is very light colored or red and yellow color. ▪️ 3 volcano is half developed and half undeveloped, there is a path to the top of the mountain, there is exposed black rock at the foot of the mountain to take pictures, the net red telephone booth is here. ▪️ 5 and 6 are next to each other. 5 is the most complete and best-looking form. You can climb the top of the mountain, and it will be a bit tired. There is a gap in the parking lot to go up the hillside, and the position is better. ▪️ 6 is already mined, and the car can drive directly up and around. The sunrise seat is recommended to shoot on the 6th on the 5th. The night camping can also be directly above the 6th, but the wind is a bit big. ▪️ 7 and 8 can be taken in the parking lot at the foot of the mountain. ▪️ The weather is good, but there is a city in the distance of the silver heart. The light is seriously polluted. It can only wait for the later Galaxy to rise. ◾️ Other matters: ▪️ It's cold in the morning and evening, the main wind is strong, to camp for the starry sky and the sunrise, you must bring thick clothes and pants! ▪️ There is a parking lot at the foot of each volcano, toilet, free! Be aware that the surrounding grasslands can not be driven into. ▪️ It is very dry and UV is strong. Bring sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, etc.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿The white yulin scenic spot belongs to the Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir Erguna, summer has the taste of summer, although the scenery is not beautiful in autumn, but still very good, AAAA-level scenic spot, punch in.
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_We***44Erguna Wetland is located in the north of the north foot of Daxing'an Mountains and the north of Hulunbuir Prairie, with an altitude of 440 meters and an area of 156.31 million hectares. It is the most abundant wetland system in Asia at present. It enjoys the reputation of the first wetland in Asia with high latitude and low altitude.
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sun*cityWell worth going to the place, the natural ecological environment is beautiful, and the artificial scenery in the city can not be compared, wear more, the wind is strong, encounter rain, relatively cold, there is time to walk more to see. Life is not only a two-point life, open up the horizon.
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东夷西羌的行游生活The largest wetland in Asia is the Hulunbuir Heishantou, which is the largest wetland in Asia, in the town of Heishantou, Erguna. With the summer coming, the amount of water flowing through the wetland's root river has increased, already submerged some of the original river beaches and plants. Trees and weeds are also turning green with rising temperatures, and the wetlands are thriving. The views are stunning against the blue sky far away. It is just over 40 kilometers from Erguna County, a vast and sparsely populated area that is ideal for early summer.
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_We***44The southward direction of the out-of-room Wei is called the most American border highway, known as the Ka Line. The Ka Line was originally in the Qing Dynasty, after China and Russia signed the Nebu Treaty, the Qing government to strengthen the border, along the Erguna River in many Karen, Karen is Manchu, meaning post. During the period of tension between China and the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s, there were nine posts along the Erguna River to Shiwei from south to north from Manchuria. Today, the station has no military significance and is a place name. The road is very good, along the prairie, wind and grass low present cattle and sheep, also all the way next to the river, can look across the Russian.