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32 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
孔孔孔孔If it's just for a soup after the hot springs, it's not fun to get into the hot spring water 3,000 years ago. Recommend a way to feel the local culture. In the afternoon, take the young master train to the hot spring station in Matsuyama City. If you come early, you can go to the park after the road. In the hot spring hotel after the road, the cheapest is only 410 yen, but it is recommended to buy a little more expensive, the place is different, and you can see the historical furnishings. Try to come out before the whole point, go to the young master's machine clock next to the hot spring station after the road to watch the clock performance. After watching the shopping street after the beginning of shopping, the size is not big, an hour is enough. In the shopping street to eat dinner, Songshan specializes in salmon rice, there are several shops specially made, you can taste it. After dinner, check in at a nearby spa hotel and have a cup of tea and chat at night. The next day, if you can get up early, arrive at the Hot Springs Hotel before 6 o'clock, it is said that there is a light ceremony when it opens every day, it is very good (I can't get up so early, so I didn't see it for three days) About taking pictures, I think this museum should take at least three pictures, one each in front of the gate during the day and one at night, It felt very different, then at night in the hilltop parking lot next to it overlooking a bit dreamy feeling.
32 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
恭城封德彝恭城封德彝Dogo Onsen is also a place where Takagi Naoko described in the comic book to travel to check in. Therefore, when I traveled to Matsuyama, I also came to Dogo Onsen. In Naoko Takagi’s description, the baths on the first floor of Dogo Onsen were all aunts. I felt that the atmosphere was a bit uncomfortable. Moreover, thinking that the history of Dogo Onsen was too old, I decided to visit only In the old building, the picture shows the night view and attendance of the Dogo Onsen Main Building, which is quite beautiful. For the actual bathing experience, I chose the new building in Dogo Onsen. This new building is indeed very new, and the decoration can be seen, refreshing. I went there during off-peak hours during the day, and a large number of tourists have not yet arrived, so there are only two or three guests in the Tangchi, which is almost the same as a chartered venue, very comfortable! Before going in the bath, change your shoes, then change your clothes and take a bath. After washing, you can soak in the pool. There are 3 bathing pools in the female department of the new Dogo Hot Spring Museum, one of which is semi-outdoor. I think the standard of hot springs in Japan is still quite high, clean, and customers follow the bathing etiquette very much. After the bath, the body is very slippery. I remember the price is not too expensive, about 1,000 yen.
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E26***01E26***01The view was good, the access was also maintained, and it was very good. The field was also politely repaired and kept in the state of the time, and it was interesting.
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Modern Architecture
宫主爱宫主爱"Bye-bye Wanji", the handkerchief hung on the railing and blowing in the wind, and the little train carrying Lixiang drifting away, broke the hearts of many Dong Ai fans. This scene happened in Meijin Temple. The final return of "Tokyo Love Story". This is the hometown of Wanzhi, and the train is still the same as it was more than 20 years ago, leaving every 15 minutes. If Lixiang hadn't left 15 minutes early, who would have known the interpretation of that heartbreaking love story~
3 Reviews
137***66137***66Qingdao, also known as the birthplace of marriage, is centered around the Yayoi-era Qingdao shrine, characterized by the accumulation of shells on the shells of the landform, like Millafyer, alternately piled up sandstone and mudstone called eclipse. This is also a geologic interesting place. Especially in Qingdao, the colors and sizes change so much that the area of the island changes twice at low tide and high tide. It used to seem that you could only cross the island at low tide, but now with a bridge you can move freely. If you are visiting Qingdao, why not go to the night and enjoy the magnificent view of the island caused by the tides. Away from Japan, you can see a mysterious scenery.
Nearby City
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宫主爱宫主爱It was originally planned for the Seto Inland Trip in July 2019. All air tickets and hotels were booked. As a result, I read the news before leaving. The entire Shikoku and Jiuzhou Island were full of heavy rains and natural disasters were very serious. I had no choice but to reschedule the ticket to September and paid a lot more, but the facts proved that the money was worth it. In July of 2020, the surrounding area of the Seto Inland Sea will still experience heavy rains. It seems that the entire July is the rainy season, which is not suitable for travel. When I came in September, the weather was very good. Every day was blue sky and white clouds, and the temperature was comfortable. Not only did it not work hard, but also I was able to take many beautiful photos.

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Nakayama Specialty Products CenterIyo,Japan

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