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Things To Do in Ejinaqi

387 Reviews
M35***07Well worth seeing! Especially old friends, a great attraction worth our trip. The guide girls and the battery car driver here were very enthusiastic. Would not bother to explain and passenger service for us.
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National Park
Nature Reserve
RiriThis place is like a fairy tales. Scenery is amazing!! We were there in golden week holiday, was bit crowded. Try to come as early as possible if you travel with kids. Many visitors came in late afternoon to catch the sunset.
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_We***06This place is awesome. Weather is unpredictable...i.e, cold to freezing cold.Boating experience was awesome. Mountain climbing was a big fun. In addition, this place is marvellous only if you have your own car or bus. All the way, the scenery was so much attractive and mesmerising that one can't close eyes for a long time. I can't tell you my happiness when we enjoyed there in bone fire with school children.Muslim food isn't availablr here. So, we had to shorten our trip and came back.In short, a worth visiting place.
90 Reviews
wanbaiguliDamohuyang Scenic Area, National AAAA Class Scenic Area; located in dalaihubu Town, Ejina Banner, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is a science education, eco-tourism, cultural experience, tourism collection and distribution investmented by Alxa Chenglong Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. A tourism complex project with characteristic commerce in one.
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镜花水月与东北虎It is located in the Ejina Banner in Inner Mongolia and is 70km away from dairaihobu chin, Ejina Banner Prefecture. Five provinces and regions with rich animal and mineral resources in Nangobi, Bayinghonger, Altai, Qianhanggai and Hohanggai, Mongolia, have been radiated. It is the only international passageway open to the outside world, and it is the land port of Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Qinghai provinces.
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TaleTellThe most funny thing about the Populus euphratica scenic spot is the Badao Bridge. There is no relationship with the Populus euphratica forest half-maoqian 🙈 On the edge of the desert of Badan Jilin, a desert park opened, which is almost like Shapotou, but it is even silly than Shapotou 🙈 But the Badao Bridge is the must-go site. If you don't get here, you can't go back to Ejina Banner. Stupidly, these transformers and the desert are quite good, quite handsome ~ quite suitable for parents and children, there are camels riding, desert off-road vehicles and other play projects. Still a piece of ~ giant transformers and ruins cars in the desert, a little handsome ~