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Things To Do in Emeishan

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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
_We***88A very beautiful place ! Unfortunately we didn’t have the best weather but it was still a lovely day hiking in the misty mountains. The fog gave the place a mysterious feel, especially on top op the mountain at the golden summit. The village has lots of beautiful temples and views.
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Observation Deck
_GG***23Golden Summit was amazing! The temple had a lot of dedicated pilgrims which gave a very holy, spiritual atmosphere to this sacred mountain. I also saw beautiful sea of clouds, buddha's ray and snow mountain and the beautiful sunrise and sunset! This is the best place in Emeishan! One of the highlights to my Sichuan trip!
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Hot Springs Resort
E27***14We had a good sleep and hot spring was great with many choices. It was clean as there were not many people.
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Hot Springs Resort
_We***01Lingxiu is better to play, you can eat barbecue snacks and drinks, suitable for children. Red Zhushan is a serious forest hot spring, very quiet and comfortable, and must go when there are fewer people. 2 people a pool, in the forest is quiet, too comfortable.
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yjw2000Wannian Temple, one of the oldest ancient temples in Emei Mountain, Sichuan, is said to be the place of the Buddha of the Elderly Cai Gongli in the Han Dynasty; the name of Puxian Temple was founded in Longan, Eastern Jin Dynasty in the fifth year (401); Huitong in Tang Dynasty (876) was rebuilt and was renamed Baishui Temple; and Puxian Temple in Baishui in Song Dynasty. Mannen Ji Temple is one of the eight great temples in Busan, and it is one of the national important temples, and there are scenic spots such as the beam brick hall, the tsuruhoden, and the white pond. Wannian Temple, near the parking lot and the Wannian Temple cableway, so many visitors to Emei Mountain as a starting point for official climbing from the bottom of the temple; some tourists here as the end of the tour.
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E33***95This was my first Buddhist temple, and I rather enjoyed it. There is a short hike through nice forested area to get there. The price was inexpensive and it was not very crowded. The art and architecture is quite beautiful.