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Things To Do in Erenhot

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13611302253Erenhot's State Gate is solemn and imposing. The seven red characters of the People's Republic of China are set inlaid above the gate body, and the national emblem is gleaming. The port of the State Gate of Errenhot is the only railway port between China and Mongolia. It is also the aorta of railway traffic linking Beijing with Moscow, known as the "Eurasian Continental Bridge". It is here in July 1, and there is a festive atmosphere to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party.
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逍遥The Cretaceous Dinosaur National Geological Park of Erlian Basin takes the famous Late Cretaceous dinosaur fossil group as the main landscape, supplemented by important stratigraphic relics and granite stone forest landscape, combined with unique dinosaur landscape cultural resources, it is a collection of scientific research and science. It is a national geopark with rich scientific connotation, rich port characteristics, beautiful urban landscape and great tourism value.
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SJackTGeneral attractions, the cost-effectiveness is not too high, the location is also biased, if not self-driving, I want to return from the scenic spot and even the urban area can not take a taxi! It is recommended that the scenic spot improve in the traffic area!
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王旭东KevinThis is the Dinosaur Museum of Erlianhot City, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is a dinosaur-based museum. It is especially suitable for children to learn about dinosaurs, broaden their horizons, and increase their talents. It is worth visiting
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欲飞的鸟【Yiling Station】The museum is located in the northeastern part of Erlianhot City, built in the "Erlian Basin Cretaceous Dinosaur National Geological Park". There is a construction site covering an area of about 1,600 square meters on the northwest bank of Erlian Salt Lake. After textual research, the site is the "Yilin" post on the way from Zhangjiakou to Ulaanbaatar passing Erlian Salt Lake. The predecessor of this station is the important station on the grassland Silk Road-Yulong Zhan. It was an important node on the grassland silk road of the Yuan Dynasty starting from Dadu (now Beijing). The silk tea of the Yuan Dynasty departed from most capitals, passed through the upper capital, passed the Yulong Zhan, and then went to Hara Helin (now Ulaanbaatarsi in Mongolia), Altai, and after Qincha Road in the west, it was shipped to European countries. During the Qing Dynasty, this station became an important stop on the tea and silk road leading to the grassland. The station was originally established in the 25th year of Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty (1820 AD) and was called the "Yilin" station. The Mongolian name is "Yilin" Station, which means "Era, Initial" in Chinese. In the 15th year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1899), the "Zhangjiakou-Kulun" telephone line was established, and a telegraph bureau was established there. In order to amplify the signal for the telegram to Europe, the "Yilin" station written in Chinese at this time became the "Erlian" station. In 1918, a businessman in Mongolia founded a car company, opened Zhangku Avenue, and set up a "Pangbei" Dajian station at this station. The Mongolian name is "Sorrow and Drink Dabeishu". Chinese means: the station with salt welcomes and sends you farewell. People. With the opening and operation of cars and trains, the functions of post stations have gradually declined. In 1943, the Japanese army occupied the area and the post was abandoned. The ruins of the post on the grassland Silk Road are still faintly visible today, and they are particularly precious. They are historical evidence of the prosperity of Erenhot City. The "Yilin" station site has become a key cultural relic protection unit in Erlianhot City.
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m11***96Is it the legend of equestrian performance Tianjiao? We watched it and it was really great. Recommend to see it, my parents and nephews like it. The actors worked hard, and their horse skills were praised. They skipped rope, turned somersaults, poured the ball, and picked things up, especially the girl's performance, which was shocking.