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Things To Do in Fangchenggang

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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
恒有国旅定制师马丽The scenery is good, there is no restaurant inside, only powder and grilled intestines, there is a waterfall. The waterfall is not as big as the picture, but the photo is really good. Bring a child to bring an umbrella to do a good sunscreen. Come to the hot spring and take the bus at the bus stop. There are both round and round.
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M30***78The dry duck growing up by the sea was rafting for the first time! No heart prepared, was puddled in the beginning! But immediately entered the state, enough excitement! Unfortunately, it was not very good, many important lenses did not get captured! Will come again!
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山在穷游If you ask me which seaside is the most beautiful in Fangcheng Harbor, I may not be able to tell you, but if you ask me where the sunset is the most beautiful, then Wanwei Golden Beach must not be missed. I came here thinking it was too early to do much travel, but then I found it was a bit late, because to see the most beautiful sunset, you must go to the west side. That kind of endless beach is really beautiful. Of course, if you like diving or going out to sea, this is also for you. Especially bring your beloved baby here, must be a good choice another point, because this is not a 10-minute hot beach, so May Day and 11 trips will not have too many pedestrians.
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墨尔本的翡翠First of all, it is about 42 kilometers from Wanwei Golden Beach. One and a half hours away, but here I remind friends who are going. Gaode navigation takes the provincial road and does not open the national road. The road should be repaired for the national road as rotten as the cattle road in the countryside. If you don't understand, you can call and ask. Don't go wrong. Then the rafting is still exciting. It's better than the Longjing River rafting in Guilin. It's cost money to go out for a hot bath. . . Free cold bath. Wardrobe 20 yuan. Free ginger tea. Other you go to experience.
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山在穷游When we came to Fangcheng Harbor, how could we not have a look at the seaside? White waves are very close to the harbor of Fangcheng a beach, before I did not come, I had mistakenly thought that all of this is white sand, did not think, after coming found that white sand is not much, but more is white waves, one white waves after another, It's a great place for kids and parents to play. Of course the tour is quite complete, if you want to go out to sea, you can take a boat to sea, no one has been found to dive here, but I think it must be a good time to dive when the weather is calm, if you don't want to go, There is also a special homestay next to it, you can stay here for one night and feel the beauty of the tide.
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SimpleLuoXXFeeling is still OK, especially exciting not so much, but also, most of the more relaxed, children can also play, the first time I have not played will definitely feel very fresh, it is a bit far away, and the road is also very difficult to walk, there is a road rotten not. . .