Fangshan District
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Things To Do in Fangshan District

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Geological Sites
_GG***10Shidu (ten ferries) is a spectacular place, which can be reached by taking a sleeper train from beijing which only takes over an hour. You can buy a ticket for 180RMB which is a combo ticket and allows you to do all the activties e.g climbing mountain, glass bridge, go kart, boating etc. It is worth spending the day there and buying the ticket as there is so much you can do. Would highly reccomend to all
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雷ASIRIt is spectacular, a total of four floors and 60 floors of height, the various comments on the Internet are not very good to discuss, the mobile signal is installed in the underground four floors have a signal 📶 can be connected to the network at any time to send a circle of friends, I feel it is worth a look, the recommendation of Beijing City takes the 901 express train west of the front door The station passes through the west of Changchun Street intersection, Liuli Bridge North, get off at the Guocun and transfer F43 Guocun Intersection to get off at the end point of Shihua Cave. You can climb the Moonlight Mountain and go down to see Shihua Cave. The ticket is 66 at two or three in the evening. It is worth a full eye. You Xin sees hundreds of thousands of years. From the stalactites of the past to the present,
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_We***57Very good scenery, good scenery, exciting and fun... Because there is no car, several of our partners bought this 99 self-driving tour in Ai Waner Circle. Packing tickets, very cost-effective, you can also go to other nearby scenic spots, also pack tickets.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
叶子0826Visiting on weekends, just in time for the open class at the museum, the experts were so esoteric that the children were not interested and would rather have gone for a walk, showing the fossils of Peking Man, whose skeletons of primitive man are basically replicas, The fossils of animals are actually found, and the museum mainly displays the discovery and excavation history of Zhoukoudian site, and displays the significance of Zhoukoudian site through a large number of precious excavation historical pictures. The article introduces the physical characteristics of the Beijing people and their position in the history of human development,represents the excavation scene of the Zhoukoudian site in the 1980s.It is a great place to study history with children and understand the origin of ancient human beings.
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Glass Skywalk
孤独祭The scenery is very beautiful and natural, winter does not know what, after spring came green hills feel very comfortable. The glass path is clear and clear, and the stone road painting is very three-dimensional.
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🍥༒࿈hebe༙྇࿈🍥We went on May Day holiday, really a good experience, very good. The only thing missing is that there is no signal for telecommunications and Unicom. The mobile signal is barely maintained and it is a bit difficult to pay. Be sure to bring cash, cash, cash, important things say three times [wail] [tickets] It is best to buy at the place to stay or eat nearby, the price is quite pro-people! Pass is worth it! Parking charge! [My own play route] Go into the gate and walk a long bridge, then walk 30-40 minutes of cable car up the mountain, the cable car to the halfway up the mountain, after the cable car has a rest area, you can rest more. Then continue climbing, can reach the top of the glass path, after the round glass path, exit not far from a toilet and rest area. Follow the path to Xiangyun Bridge, cross Xiangyun Bridge to the sightseeing elevator, the sightseeing elevator to choose a seat, the whole journey less than 5 minutes, no seat, and several attractions can not see. Get off the elevator, go down the mountain road, pass the women's spring, echo wall waterfall, beach... You can also walk the Tongtian ladder, whether it is a shock from the top to the bottom, or from the bottom to the top, it is almost like walking to the fountain, after the fountain can queue up to play colorful rafting, If you finish shopping in this park and other entertainment activities, it is recommended to wear a raincoat. Individuals playing this rafting are all wet, and their pants can be splashed out of water [laugh and cry]. After rafting down the mountain and going to the exit, it is recommended to go to the toilet first, there is no toilet at the door. When you arrive at the gate, the last rider in the air, this project will send you directly to the gate. Finish going home! [Play tips] Depart in advance on holiday. There are many people, many, very many kinds of, various queues. With cash 💰 There are no mobile phone signals, there is no direct service on the mountain, although the rest area has wireless, the signal is also very touching [laugh and cry]. It is recommended to climb the mountain with little exercise, or scrap the next day directly [laugh and cry]. Tickets are bought in local accommodation or farmyards, the price is quite beautiful. It takes one day to play. The rest area on the mountain is mainly instant noodles, grilled sausage and simple hamburgers. The toilet is still a lot of drops. The mountain is a bit steep, and you should pay attention to safety when you climb ⚠️ two parking lots, one inside the park and one 200 meters away from the park.