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世界美食游走达人To visit the East Lake of Fengxiang County. This East Lake was built by the old Mr. Su Dongpo, a great literary man of the Song Dynasty. It can be said that it is absolutely comparable to the West Lake in Hangzhou. It is called the West Lake Water and the East Lake Liu!
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Water Park
M48***14When I went, the weather was not very hot. The children's pool facilities were very good. The children loved it, but because the water was too cold to play, I was also very happy in the hot spring pool. I plan to go again tomorrow. Now the weather in the children's pool should not be cold.
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Memorial Temple
Historical Site
孙张之旅80The cloudy weather is even less touristy. The land is not small, the buildings are repaired, many Shang and Zhou figures, history, as well as relics, legends, constitute a historical picture of the effect, to be carefully and seriously appreciate!
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扶疏子Fengxiang County Museum is located in East Lake, Fengxiang County, Shaanxi Province. The museum was established in 1959 and belongs to the Fengxiang County Cultural Bureau. When the Fengxiang County Museum was established, it was located in the "Su Gong Temple" on the east coast of Lake Fengxiang County. Withdrawn in 1962. In July 1982, "Fengxiang County Yongcheng Cultural Relics Management Office" was established. In May 1984, the Fengxiang County Museum was restored, and the two brands of Yongcheng Cultural Relics Management Office in Fengxiang County were restored.
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Historical Site
Memorial Temple
107***76Su Wenzhong Gong Temple is located in Fengxiang East Hubei District, founded in the Ming Dynasty, after all have repairs. Su Shu statues and paintings of poetry and literature, including Su Shu plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum hand-site stone carvings, show Su Shu in Fengxiang political achievements and events.
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ima_alohomoravery interesting museum with a huge bronze-ware collection. it is completely for free. The surrounding area is very beautiful as well.

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Here are the best places to visit in Feng, including: East Fengxiang Lake,Qingong No.1 Cemetery,Mount Xiaoling Water World
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