Feng County
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Things To Do in Feng County

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天魔夜叉Big guy, atmosphere. Upon entering the scenic spot, there is a 42.6-meter-high bronze statue of Liu Bang, which means that the Han Dynasty ruled in 426 years, weighing 500 tons, and the cloak was particularly domineering. The Dahan Altar is modern in shape and covers a large area. Walking along the back, you will arrive at the tomb of Liu Bang's great-grandfather Liu Qing. The whole building was donated by the descendants of Liu, and it is magnificent. However, the scenic spot is still under construction or improvement, and I hope to come here again after the completion of supporting scenic spots such as museums.
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博士小美女Shandong Weishan Lake National Wetland Park is located in Weishan County, Jining City, Shandong Province, with a total area of 787.9 hectares, of which the wetland area is 645.8 hectares, which includes four wetlands of river, lake wetland, marsh wetland, reservoir wetland and freshwater lake wetland, permanent river, Seven wetland types, namely, seasonal river, flood plain wetland, reservoir wetland, herbaceous marsh and shrub marsh, form complete ecosystem of succession orderly succession of tree forest belt, shrub marsh, stand water plant belt, float water plant belt and submerged plant belt. It is a large-scale comprehensive national wetland park with wetland protection, ecological restoration, popular science education and water quality purification as the main contents.
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校园旅行达人GaryJiaozuo is another good place for leisure, viewing and walking-Dashahe Wetland Park. Good greening provides the most comfortable environment for waterscape viewing. Many green reeds drift in the wind in the 100-meter-wide river. Occasionally, many wild ducks can be seen in the water, which is refreshing and refreshing.
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首席监理Mangdang Mountain Tourist Area is a national 5A-level tourist attraction, a Chinese Han culture research base, a national youth inland tourism base, a national key cultural relics protection unit, a national standardization pilot unit for service industry, a research tourism demonstration base in Henan Province, a five-diamond intelligent scenic spot. Mangzi Mountain is the most important part of the 300-liangyuan in the Western Han Dynasty, which is the starting point of the Han Dynasty. The landscape of the thirteen Lianfeng and the humanistic remains of the underground palace together constitute the three-dimensional pattern of the tourism from natural scenery to humanistic history of the mangoes.
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Water Park
_We***21if you want to fully enjoy there give yourself enough time. we didn’t really know how fun the place can be and we didn’t manage our time. we’ll definitely go back there
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_We***24When the weather is good, it is easy to be in a good mood, and some of the parks have beautiful scenery. However, for me, walking under the clear sky and breathing the warm spring air makes me happy. Spring is here, don't let it down.