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黑牡丹waz#Driving the first day of Beijing North Road is good scenery # and #18 Flower Sea View Multicolored Dam on the #Qiansong Dam Forest Park, located on the dam highland and the junction of the northern Fujian Mountains, is also the first [view] landscape into the first grassland in Beijing North. Here, the summer average temperature is 17.4 degrees, which is the best summer resort in Beijing. The negative oxygen ion is up to 30,000 per cubic centimeter. There is a natural oxygen bar called the Qiansongba Scenic Area. There is a small traffic in the scenic area. Visitors can buy tickets and take them. The main attractions include Jinlian Lake, Goko wetland, botanical garden, kinroku garden, Nanzan mochito, white cherry tree family, spruce canyon, point masaya, spruce lake, white cherry lake, lover's valley, red leaves valley, camel peak, etc.
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Theme Park
杨泽娅The night view is very beautiful here in Mazhen, China, there are many rides inside, very suitable for children to play. If you have enough time, you can play with Lightning Lake, Lightning Lake in the morning and Mazhen in the afternoon. China Mazhen Tourist Resort is located in the north of Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Hebei Province, 260 kilometers north of Beijing, the national AAAA class scenic spot, located in the core of Bashang Grassland. Based on the natural ecology, the horse culture theme park, grassland silk road performance group, the Bashang grassland ice and snow carnival, roast sheep food street, bar street, the characteristic theme hotel, sharing the core of the horse culture tourism town.
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Amusement Park
M39***73Every summer, children shout to come to the fairy tale grassland scenic spot. This year, there are night games, and the fairy tale scene under the lights is more dreamy. There are free bonfire parties and song and dance performances at the entrance of the scenic spot. The interactive atmosphere of the clown is very good. The first choice for baby
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把剑长歌Liushugou savanna, in fact is also a broad "thousand pine dam" organic components. However, Liushugou savanna is free of tickets, the white birch forest on the slope is extremely beautiful, this time in mid-September, the top of the white birch forest leaves yellow about half. There is also camel 🐫Relaxing grass on the slope 😄For the spruce and birch forests of Qiansongba, abandon the capital loop high speed, take the "horrible" semi-tiger line, cave mountain... I recognize 😹However, the road at the entrance of Liushu Ditch is not good, you can re-pave it.
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Amusement Park
M35***44I think it’s very interesting to play inside. The boss is very good, and the attitude of the big brother at the door is also very good. I like Royal Deer Garden very much. I also thank the boss for bringing happiness, joy and happiness to us all. Thank you boss and wish you business Prosperous.
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yjw2000Located 28 kilometers northwest of Fengning County, Lama Mountain Scenic Area is a must-pass to the first steppe in Beijing. There are 28 stone peaks of the size in the scenic area. The vertebrates of the vertebrates look like a long line of Lama face wall meditating, which is named for. The cliffs on the mountain, straight up, fog, the scenery, hidden, as illusory. The main peak elevation 1198 meters, many cliffs, as far as the puddle, as the mouth, as the fort, distributed the numerous column peaks, cliffs, caves, rocks, horse stone carving, ruoruo a mountain light gallery. The top rock paintings are the statues of the Dorah Buddha, high 3.12m, wide 2.72m, the statues of the Buddha step on the lotus flower, the back of the Buddha Guangdan Qingpai, still vividly eye-catching over 300 years. The statues are afraid of being carved with full and Chinese characters, and the statue is built downstream of a brick tower, commonly known as the Lama Tomb. There are Lama caves on the stone walls. Mountains under the springs, falling Ying Binfen, Yalu River by the mountains, long days of green water, Qifeng Xiushui. Lama Mountain scenic spots, charming scenery, full of changes, commonly known as Shili Gallery. In addition to the Buddha Pearl Cave, Hail Park, Mannlu Temple, Dajue Temple, there are mainly cliff statues, horse gravel, god gravel, sword stone, chinzan ink, nine women's peak, caves and other landscapes.

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Huangjialuyuan Wetland ParkChengde,China

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Gushijun Machang Tourism ResortChengde,China

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Haorizi Bashang ResortChengde,China

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Fengning Bashang Datanzhen Xiangjingyuan ResortChengde,China

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Baiyunhu Mountain VillaChengde,China

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Ganlu TempleChengde,China

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Fengning Travel Tips

About Fengning

Fengning Manchu Autonomous County is situated in Hebei province to the northwest of Chengde. The northwest of the county has a high-altitude grassland landscape, while the lower-lying southeast has rolling hills and rivers. It is an ideal holiday destination with a cool summer climate. The county is home to many picturesque swamps and wetlands.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Fengning
Oct 19, 2021 Fengning Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 67%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:29/17:28
Fengning Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Fengning, including: Qiansongba Forest Park,Zhongguo Mazhen Wuma World Theme Amusement Park,Tonghuacaoyuan Sceneic Area
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