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Things To Do in Fengning

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黑牡丹waz#Driving the first day of Beijing North Road is good scenery # and #18 Flower Sea View Multicolored Dam on the #Qiansong Dam Forest Park, located on the dam highland and the junction of the northern Fujian Mountains, is also the first [view] landscape into the first grassland in Beijing North. Here, the summer average temperature is 17.4 degrees, which is the best summer resort in Beijing. The negative oxygen ion is up to 30,000 per cubic centimeter. There is a natural oxygen bar called the Qiansongba Scenic Area. There is a small traffic in the scenic area. Visitors can buy tickets and take them. The main attractions include Jinlian Lake, Goko wetland, botanical garden, kinroku garden, Nanzan mochito, white cherry tree family, spruce canyon, point masaya, spruce lake, white cherry lake, lover's valley, red leaves valley, camel peak, etc.
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Theme Park
_We***36I feel special, especially the performance of the god of war Zhao Yun, played a particularly good. Especially roasting the whole sheep, is simply too delicious. I also want to eat, next time I must have a good meal, and the eight bowls of meat in Manchu, the copper hot pot mutton is also very good, the taste is very pure, especially fragrant.
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Amusement Park
M39***73Every summer, children shout to come to the fairy tale grassland scenic spot. This year, there are night games, and the fairy tale scene under the lights is more dreamy. There are free bonfire parties and song and dance performances at the entrance of the scenic spot. The interactive atmosphere of the clown is very good. The first choice for baby
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mag***enThe scenic area is close to Beijing, there are mountains, water, trees, grasslands, and windmills. Met by heavy fog and heavy rain at the East Peak, it immediately became a clear blue sky and white clouds, and the scenery was pleasant.
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Amusement Park
M35***44I think it’s very interesting to play inside. The boss is very good, and the attitude of the big brother at the door is also very good. I like Royal Deer Garden very much. I also thank the boss for bringing happiness, joy and happiness to us all. Thank you boss and wish you business Prosperous.
Nearby City
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M25***94Went with three friends, the logo of the gate has been very modern and minimalist style very much like, after getting off the bus, first came to the eye is the lawn in the courtyard, before entering the room, you need to step on irregular slate, slate space also has green grass, the overall style of the room is simple modern wind, The attic sleeps downstairs and washes, the room does not have a sofa, but other details are very full, whether it is chandeliers or the atmosphere in the corner light is great, if you want to open your eyes to see the green grass and mountain trees, then this is perfect for you! Although the hotel is not fully installed, I heard there will be swings and tents, I think it will become a net red B&B in the future! I thought that when I arrived at Huairou, I felt that I must live in the farmyard and I don't like it very much. This homestay is just suitable for my style. It is simple, clean and comfortable. I will make a yard in the mountains. How many people yearn for it. I have to praise the service to take care of our aunts and uncles. Warm and attentive, we will try our best to help us with anything we need, thank you very much, good trip!