French Polynesia
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Things To Do in French Polynesia

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Outdoor diving
Dolphin Watching
享受生活的每一天This is an excellent holiday beach. The sand on the beach is really clean. We walked on the beach barefoot, and the soles of our feet felt soft, without the slightest feeling of rusty feet. Then the sea was also very blue, and the air was even more incomparable. It’s fresh, without a trace of pollution. Very beautiful resort.
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Featured Neighborhood
AllsuccessMicrosoft's most romantic seawater in the world's lip-neck vertebra is probably Tahiti, because it's not often that many people get married to a traveler far from China, but this place has been introduced by countless fans and magazines. His pure water beautiful natural scenery, like paradise and heaven on earth, if you can really have the opportunity to go, is really a lifetime of memorable experience.
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julie2888In French Polynesia, Moore Island is also known as the sister island of Papeete. The island is shaped like a heart and has a unique outline, especially two large bays: Lake Opno Bay in the west and Cook Bay in the east. beautiful landscape!
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AllsuccessTahiti's pearls are very famous, better than the freshwater pearls in Japan and the pearls in the South China Sea. Because of the big whales, the price is very high. Taobao is the pearls in Tahiti, but it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false, so if possible, when visiting the local area, Bought pearls of all colors, especially black pearls, especially by women consumers.
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AllsuccessVery beautiful, a once in a lifetime must. Although it is very far and very inconvenient to come here in Beijing, there are direct flights now, and after arriving, the accommodation is better arranged, so it is worth a visit, but the cost of hotel accommodation is very high. It's not cheap to eat, drink and have fun.
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Ancient Settlement
AllsuccessThis can turn the mini island country peace the most beautiful pearl is really a legend of this life must come to the vast wish that the choice will become the most beautiful memory. No wonder the magazines have been planting grass dragons. The sunny beach is more pure and unspoiled than the Sanya Maldives, Mauritius, Hawaii. A casual photo is a seamless landscape postcard. The food and rich products, especially melons and fruits, are more mouthwatering.