Friuli Venezia Giulia
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佟贝勒爷I talked to you about a few small Italian cities, and I continue today. Trieste is the largest free port city in Italy on the northeast coast of the Adriatic Sea, on the northwest side of the Easterra Peninsula, and on the top of Trieste Bay. After World War II, it was under the jurisdiction of Yugoslavia and returned to Italy after 1954. Today I'm taking you to the Italian Unity Square, the main square in Trieste and the largest seafront square in Europe. Surrounded by the historic buildings of the Beige, on three sides, the bay, which looks like a very atmospheric place, at the foot of the San Giusto, facing the Adriatic Sea, which was the main port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was at the time a thriving harbour city and a center of music and literature. But then it became a bit of a depression after the annexation of Italy. Italy has two unifying squares, which are the first and largest, so you usually ask the Italians where your unifying square is? They will tell you in Trieste. Another I've been to in Florence, which is certainly half smaller. The square was built around the 19th century, with government offices like town halls, district administration buildings, and a better view of the sea, with bronze statues of flag-waving people on the shore called the Liberation Monument. The most important is the cruise home port, which can hold tens of thousands of tons of large cruise ships, I came to Trieste this time at the invitation of Italy's largest cruise company, Venice, because in two days is the picture of the Venice's new ship. I look forward to it!
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Historical Site
佟贝勒爷I took you to Bari a few days ago, and today we continue the 🇮🇹 niche city tour of Italy - Trieste, the famous harbor city of northeast Italy. Today, the most famous attraction in the city is the castle Miramare, which is of great value to Italy! She was built for the Austro-Hungarian Grand Duke Massimilano I and his wife from 1856 to 1860 on the Adriatic Sea, near Trieste Bay. Designed by Carl Junker, the castle looks like it was directly above the waves. The castle is surrounded by a 22-hectare garden known for its variety of tropical trees and flowers, quiet and elegant, comfortable and elegant, and I went on this trip in mid-March, when the oceans warm the flowers have been competing to open and refreshing. The white Miramare Castle is a beautiful place to view the mountains and seas and listen to the sea breeze. It is said that no room in the many rooms of the castle can not see the sea, so the castle has the reputation of "water-friendly mansion". Walking into the castle, I visited the master's house and guesthouse of Massimiliano I, and the wall hung pictures of him crowned with the Mexican Lord. All the rooms in the present Milamare castle are still decorated and decorated in the same year, and the style of rationalism is used, and the history of decorations and furniture dates back to the middle of the 19 century. Visiting the castle requires an appointment in advance, go at the appointed time, and the appointment form will be handed to the staff inside the main gate to enter. Photos are allowed but no video is allowed. Visit in the order of the sign placed inside, not to go anywhere.
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Churches and Cathedrals
一米qSt. Justus Cathedral is located on a hillside in the city of Trieste. The church was built around the 12th century. There are two independent chapels inside the cathedral. The interior decoration of the church is very simple, the light is also very dim, and the walls There are several exquisitely crafted oil lamps on it, making the whole space quiet and sacred.
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星星的旅行记Attractions: Lake Fusine / Fusine in Valromana Address: Lake Fusine, Udine 33018, how to arrive in Italy: 1. Self-driving approximate 2.4h2 from Venice, Italy. Self-driving approximate 4.2h3 from Vienna, Austria. From Lubjalna in Slovenia, about 1.7h [About Lake Fusine]: Lake Fusine is located in northeast Italy, the junction of Italy with Austria and Slovenia, in the western part of the Alps. The small village, called Valromana, is surrounded by forests, valleys and lakes of all sizes, so it is a popular destination for mountaineers and hikers, while Lake Fusine is best known for its vast area and its beautiful surroundings. We drove from Slovenia to Gora Paradise near Lubjalna, headed west, and didn't expect to enter Italy for about an hour. Slowly seeing the lake in the lake area, after a few minutes, Fusine Lake appeared like a wonderland suddenly in front of us, getting closer and closer, I can't believe what I saw before... The lake is clear and transparent, and I can see the stones near the bottom of the lake, the whole lake is surrounded by forests, and I can see it. Behind the lake is the Alps, the snow is still limping. The Fusine Lake is a beautiful fantasy, it is known as a natural park. Although it is a popular place for hikers, the area is as clean as it was washed because of the protection of nature, and it is unexpected that there are only four of us in the whole lake area. Sitting on the lakeside, can hear the birds whispering, and their heartbeat, check, did not expect that this is a few local talents know the natural paradise. A little joy! The temperature is also very comfortable in summer, but only 20 degrees, because of the forest. Since the lake area connects Slovenia's Gora natural paradise, this is a must-see for hiking, close contact with nature and a real natural paradise, not to be missed. Tips: Recommend driving from Lubjalna, Slovenia, via the Gora district, parking at the hotel parking lot in this district, then hiking to Lake Fusine. Sportswear, especially shoes, is everywhere with forest grass, anti-slip is very important. Recommend at least 2 people to travel with.

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Piazza San Giovanni,Italy

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Galleria Harry Bertoia,Italy

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Risiera di San Sabba,Italy

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Il Castello di Udine,Italy

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Loggia di San Giovanni,Italy

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Palazzo del Comune - Loggia di Lionello,Italy

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