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Things To Do in Fushun

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3,229 Reviews
Water Park
_We***92We went on a weekday. There were fewer people, good water, clean, and the beach was clean. Children like to play. It's not cold or hot or sunny. It's best to take a bath towel with children. It's a bit cold out of the water. It's good to have a heated pool suitable for children to play. You can wear your own slippers. The snacks you take can't be seen below the backpack. It is recommended to visit for a day. The surfing hall is open at 9:30, and the clearing is at 16:30 in the afternoon.
494 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
旅游桌椅This is the birthplace of the ancestor of the Qing Dynasty Nurhachi and the castle, saigu, Hanwanggong, academies, etc. built by his distinguished achievements. The water well, lotus pond, military training ground, stage, etc., can be swim for two to four hours on foot ☆
735 Reviews
Amusement Park
塔普Top0929Hot Gaol Park is divided into indoors and outdoors, basically fun to queue, big trumpets and big skateboards are very fun, the vertical slide for single people is recommended indoors, it is too exciting. The people who build wave pools are very exciting, rent a big shark can play all day, play tired can go rafting and rest.
90 Reviews
City Park
我去救公主The company is opposite the labor park. It is noisy every day. The audio, singing and musical instruments are practiced. . . The retirement life of the elderly is too rich. I feel that these elderly people squeeze the bus with us every morning. They play in the park for a day and come back from work together. Isn't it tired? ? It's still a little early to retire!
228 Reviews
冬懂Very good attraction. There are not many people in the scenic area, the air quality is very good, very worth a visit. Especially in early October, the red leaves are full of mountains, and the forest is dyed. There is also a birch forest on the top of the mountain.
327 Reviews
Rock Monument
M39***84Very good, go with my lover, surrounded by mountains, it rained all morning, stopped at 12 noon, and entered the garden at 12:08. The mountains are foggy and the wonderland of the world is average. Add flat food, you must go, challenge your own figure and perseverance! There are two kinds of mountaineering methods: climbing to see the monkey stones and worshiping the moon. We choose to take a sightseeing bus and hike down the mountain, which saves both physical strength and time. Ticket 50, in Trip.com 40, save 10 yuan to take a sightseeing bus. Peaks and peaks, streams and streams, with a freehand artistic conception of landscape, worthy of the name "natural oxygen bar." Overall, great scenery, good value for money, fun and fun,

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Royal Ocean ParkFushun,China

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Hot Go ParkFushun,China

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Houshi (Monkey Rock) National Forest ParkFushun,China

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Saerhu Scenic AreaFushun,China

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Three Stone National Forest ParkFushun,China

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Hemu Forest ParkFushun,China

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Fushun Travel Tips

About Fushun

Located in the eastern part of Liaoning Province, Fushun is a heavy industry base in Northeast China. The Qing Dynasty rose from here and left many historical sites. The Yongling Tomb at the foot of the mountain is given the moniker of "the first of the three tombs in Manchuria." There is also the city of Xing (or “Hetu Ala” in Manchurian), where Nurhachi once rose to the throne. Fushun has beautiful natural scenery, including places such as the Saerhu Scenic Area, the Three Stones Scenic Area, the Red River Gorge and many more. There are also historical and cultural attractions such as the Lei Feng Memorial Hall and the Fushun War Criminals Management Center.

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Fushun Weather

Oct 28, 2021
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Oct 29, 2021
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Oct 31, 2021
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Nov 1, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Fushun
Oct 28, 2021 Fushun Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 60%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:11/16:45
Fushun Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Fushun, including: Royal Ocean Park,Hetuala City,Kuangzigou Ecological Scenic Area
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