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Things To Do in Gaer

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gz当地向导伊妹儿Namuru has a beautiful scenery and a panoramic view of the picturesque scenery, suitable for self-driving travel, and there are natural scrolls everywhere, refreshing feeling, wide vision, and taking a photo at hand, it is the feeling of a blockbuster.
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City Park
格格巴We were lucky to be able to visit this dark night park of our own before we arrived in the town of Alishi Quanhe. Because "dark night park" is not a name, but an approval, only the atmosphere permeability, the clear rate, night sky quality and the visual valence of basic indicators are qualified position, can be recognized as a "dark night park" by the International Association of dark night. So it is hard to imagine finding a place that can be recognized as a night park in a country that is developing rapidly in industry and economy.
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格格巴When we arrived at the village of Menshi, Gor County, we found a local "small" temple to Zha Dabughi temple. The temple is not big, but very prestigious, Zha Dabughi temple is called "Shenshan" Gangrenpoqi collar, local Tibetan people to "Shenshan" Gangrenpoqi before, must first transfer Zha Dabuzhi temple. Of course this is a folklore, but it is also a great victory. Founded by the Ningma School in the mid-8th century, it was later changed to the Kaiju School. The temple is dominated by Lotus Peanut Masters and the Essence of the Sky.
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300***89The Guge Kingdom in Ali region of Tibet is very spectacular and magical. The whole mountain is carved into caves according to grade. The most magical is the frescoes here. The protection is better than the murals of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang. Here is a beautiful and rich kingdom. Well recommended to visit.
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enjoyzentThe temple was built in the peak of the ancient times in 996 AD. Tolin means "Never fall in the air". After several hundred years, though all kinds of natural and man-made destruction, but still the temples are still towering, with strong Nepalese, Indian style, also have the deep imprint of local Tibetan national art, can still feel the grand glory of the past.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿Datulin is located in Zanda County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet, China. It is the most famous landscape area in Zanda County. It is very beautiful. The weathered soil and forest landforms are very beautiful and beautiful. It is a paradise for photographers.