Galveston County
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Things To Do in Galveston

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City Park
M32***23[View] Seawolf Park Great base to visit, a must- punch place for military fans, very spectacular, many words introduce pictures and text with very long knowledge [interest] professionalism is very high, great experience [price/performance] worth coming!
Nearby City
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Science & Technology Museum
小思文The Houston Space Center is also a very large building, the whole center has very good design, the visit here is also very interesting, the space center inside can see many American space models and introductions, the whole area is also very large.
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Historical Architecture
巴西利亚Less than an hour’s drive from Houston, the Gulf of Mexico is beautiful. Especially friends who like fishing and catching crabs have gained a lot. Fun and delicious. I have passed by Houston a few times, and every time I come here to fish and catch crabs. very good.
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288***50In fact, there is no scenery at all, but it is still very interesting to catch crabs here with classmates. The chicken drumsticks we bought in the supermarket were tied with a rope and thrown into the water to fish for crabs. After a long time toss, we didn't catch a few. The Mexican woman next to her, holding her child in one hand and fishing in the other, caught a lot in a while.
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_We***15There are many places to play, such as tropical rain forests, aquariums, movies, etc., because I only went to the aquarium in a hurry. You can see so many cute penguins, as well as all kinds of fish...beautiful! There is a hotel next to it, where you can eat, the price is too expensive, 2 people ate nearly 80 dollars, the taste is good
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288***50We drove over and took another ferry. Seagulls lined up and hovered above us, which was very interesting. The car is parked on the beach, where a lot is designated as a parking lot. There are not many people here, people on the beach in twos and threes.