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Things To Do in Ganzizhou

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Nature Reserve
Snow Mountain
E29***70A magical place to visit, even in summer when a perpetual cloud sits over the snow capped mountain. There is no food available (or hot water) so bring your own. If you stay inside the National Park, it saves you having to buy an entrance ticket for a second day if you want to hike twice
2,872 Reviews
穿白衬衣的薄荷星My rating: [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] West Sichuan Travel | 4 hours by car to reach the secret of West Sichuan to see the beauty of the world! Kangding Love Song 🎵 should be heard by everyone, I have been yearning for it since I was a child! Before driving for seven or eight hours, Yakang Expressway is now open. It can arrive from Chengdu in only 3.5 hours, and return in a weekend! From now on, the plateau Haizi and the snowy mountains meadow are no longer remote. ~-🔸 Western Sichuan secrets, please remember the strategy! 🚘Self-driving navigation "Mugecuo Scenic Area", there is a parking lot at the gate of the scenic spot, which is especially convenient! 🎫 Scenic Area Tickets: 105/person, Sightseeing Car: 90/person 🈺Time: 8:00~18:00(16:30 stop to enter the park) ‼️ Scenic Area Suggestions to play for about 4 hours. From the top to the bottom of the sightseeing car, all the way to the wilderness sea (Mugecuo) at 3700 meters above sea level, and from the scenic gate to Mugecuo there are about half an hour of Panshan Road, there is a high altitude reaction and easy car sick friends remember to prepare relevant drugs! -🔸 Classic travel along the line, all must not be missed! There are 4 parking points in Mugecuo Scenic Area, respectively, Mugecuo, Red Rock Beach, Omacuo, Seven Color Sea! 1⃣️ Mugecuo: It is a beautiful plateau sea, the core attraction of Mugecuo, also known as the Wilderness Sea. When the weather is sunny, you can still look at Gongga Snow Mountain! 2⃣️ Red Stone Beach: The unique scenery in western Sichuan, the red stone photo is particularly shocking! ⚠️The distance from Hongshi Beach to Omacuo is very close. If you like to take pictures, you can walk and take a walk down ~3⃣️Omacuo: It is Mugecuo's natural hot spring ♨️At present, you can only soak your feet, and there is a soothing fish therapy. Here, you also see the cute squirrel 🐿️4⃣️Seven color sea: This sea is a large lawn on the edge of the sea, and many unknown flowers on the plateau are blooming. The lotus snow mountain clouds and fog on the edge are really the wonderland in the painting ~-
3,420 Reviews
Snow Mountain
_We***21Amazing views and a photgrapher’s paradise. However, you need to be lucky with the weather to see everything. Also be prepared for the crowds. The cable car is incredibly high and long and defintely worth it as it’s the only way to access the top-most viewing platform.
814 Reviews
上海青9Xindu Bridge is not only beautiful in the autumn, but also beautiful in other seasons. Find an unknown path and dive in! What you get is a full of beauty and pleasure, green moss on the mountains, and decorate the Tibetan houses, wow! It's a perfect picture, come on!
700 Reviews
已上锁Very good attraction, very historical significance, the real experience of the Red Army across the Luding Bridge adventure! There are also Wenchuang ice cream inside, the price is 16 yuan, and various special Wenchuang products, also recommended!
586 Reviews
Geological Sites
JJ77As the only landscape of Chinese plateau stone forest, it is a multi-dimensional scenic spot that combines sightseeing, experience, scientific research and popular science value. Every time you go forward, there are different surprises hidden. The dead trees and white bones in the depths of mountains, grasslands, lakes, canyons collide with wonderful sparks. Love the black and white clouds here, the little girl riding on horseback, singing with the mountains, I want to say: "China's most beautiful landscape avenue eighth beauty," the road and the carvings, over the mountains, must be worth it!

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Seda Sky Burial PlatformGanzizhou,China

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Benbo Temple (bangpusi)Ganzizhou,China

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Anjue TempleGanzizhou,China

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Sangpiling TempleGanzizhou,China

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Intangible Cultural Heritage MuseumGanzizhou,China

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Ganzizhou Travel Tips

About Ganzizhou

Garzê is located in western Sichuan Province on the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is populated primarily by Tibetan people. The prefectural seat of Dartsedo (or Kangding) has been an important location for the tea and horse trade between the Han and Tibetan peoples since the Song dynasty (960-1279). The prefecture's Dêgê County is known as one of the three major centers of ancient culture, along with Lhasa, Tibet and Xiahe, Gannan. It is one of the important cradles of Tibetan culture. Garzê has many tourist attractions, including the Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park in Luding County, and Paoma (“Running Horse”) Mountain and Mugecuo Lake in Dartsedo. There is also the famous Luding Chain Bridge, which was designated as an important cultural site for preservation after the Liberation and had a revolutionary relic exhibition hall built to display historical materials related to the fight of the Red Army.

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Oct 19, 2021 Ganzizhou Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 94%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:17/18:37
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Here are the best places to visit in Ganzizhou, including: Daocheng Yading,Mugecuo,Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park
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