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Film Studio
一起向前进一起向前进Gaomi Red Sorghum Film and Television City, due to Moyan Red Sorghum, has been well planned! Activities, WeChat friends circle forward, grab 19.9 yuan tickets, including tickets, sorghum red performance and secret room soul. The performance is immersive, no seats, quite special!
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Theme Park
Bennallack travelerBennallack travelervery good park. we went in the beginning of summer. lots of rides. be careful not to go on school holiday, it will take you hours to go on the rides.
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Famous Residences
linglizilingliziWe drove to visit Mo Yan's old residence, located in Ping'anzhuang village, Gaomi City, Weifang, and saw the archway at the head of the village from afar. Mo Yan's old residence is five or 60 square meters of earth wall squared, built in 1912, 1966 was renovated once, Mo Yan from birth to leave, living here for 22 years, currently vacant, the old residence kept some of the original used objects, there is a primary school next to the old residence, Figure 2 shows Mo Yan's seat on a seat and takes a photo away. There is also a small courtyard for the ticket to the old house.
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不过CPA不改名不过CPA不改名It's a bit far away but the semi-open ones are better, unlike the common zoos which are all caged in, this safari is really up on the hill and looks down better
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Taoist Temple
320***07320***07Very small, idle is idle. Learn about the local culture. . . It is also very good, you can come if you need it. . . . . . . . . I just take a look around. . . . . . It should be a bit historical?
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City Park
Lavender and SunLavender and SunSanlihe Park, a beautiful free park. The park is not too big, but it is quiet and peaceful. The breeze winds around at night, walking through the rivers and streets, and it feels like being in the south of the Yangtze River. There are many small bridges over the river, and there are many koi under the bridges. The scenery here is beautiful whether it is summer or autumn.

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Yijiangnan·zhuti RestaurantWeifang,China

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Wanglaopoziyangsheng Noodle HouseWeifang,China

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Laolangdapan ChickenWeifang,China

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Juxiang Hot PotWeifang,China

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Culture & Sports ParkWeifang,China

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Baiyang Mountain Sceneic AreaWeifang,China

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Gaomi Travel Tips

About Gaomi

Gaomi City is located in eastern Shandong Province between the Jiaolai and Wei rivers. It is administered under Weifang City. Known in ancient times as Yi'an, Gaomi has over 2,200 years of history and is the birthplace of famed Spring and Autumn period government minister Yan Ying, Qing era senior imperial secretary Liu Yong (Liu Luoguo), and the winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature, Mo Yan. The “Three Treasures” of Chinese folk art - puhui nianhua (“ash-dabbing Spring Festival painting” - a painting method that incorporates a base layer of ashes), clay sculpture (nisu), and paper cutting (jianzhi) have long enjoyed a fine reputation and are famous throughout the world. Famous destinations include the Zheng Ancestral Temple, the former residence of Mo Yan, Fenghuang (“Phoenix”) Park, the Nanhu (“South Lake”) Botanical Garden, the Xiaokang River, and Baiyang (“Chinese White Poplar”) Mountain.

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Dec 1, 2021 Gaomi Weather: Clear| Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph| Humidity: 50%| Sunrise/Sunset: 06:53/16:46
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Here are the best places to visit in Gaomi, including: Nanhu Botanical Garden (South Gate),Mo Yan's Old Residence,Xiaokanghe
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