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Historical Site
夏吹夏夜风The tsurujo Cho was built in the east of Nanmen Daido (south of tsurujo historical and cultural district) in Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province in 1375 years (kobu 8 years) during the Ming Dynasty, and was a postal postal building that remains in the Ming Dynasty as a postal building with a large scale and a good preservation of the whole country It is a postal building. The ancient station has many functions, including publicity decrees, flying military reports, receiving envoys, transporting goods and so on. At the height of the Ming Dynasty, the total number of national station 1375, but only the Hebei Huailai County Jimingshan and Gaoyou County of the Tongcheng. Gaoyou as the only postal city is the name of the true, in a county, there are two ancient oyster station, in addition to the oyster in the castle, there is a yongju in the north of the castle, also located on the canal side. The pujo pujo was originally large, and in the Ming Dynasty, the main hall 5, the back hall 5, the gift room 5, the storeroom 3, the kitchen 3, the corridor 14, the horse room 20, and the front drum building 3, the horse temple 1, and the zhaobi archway 1, and the pujo pujo at the back of the pujo station There was a pujo. There are 12 houses and 6 kensha, beside the station there is a Qinyou Mansion, a gate building, three main hall, three back hall, 8 south-south wing room. The kensha stands on the canal embankment facing west, and there is a welcoming royal hall, and the east side is a horse yintang. At the height of the castle, there were more than 100 halls, 130 horses, 18 ships, and 200 people, such as Mabu and Mizuo, and it was called Mizuma Daigaku in both Kyodo Dori CHO. At the height of the battle, there were over 200 people in the town, and the number was large and the source was complex. Some were employed as professional woodcutters who served in the town station for many years, some were poor peasants who took turns serving in the town station with their own rations, and some were border guards who served in the town station. Some of them are prisoners who are sent to prison in remote areas, and they spend their lives out of town, like cattle and horses. Sha's late-ming rebel leader, li zicheng, was a low-level puppet in shaanxi, where he lost his job because of the streamlining of the post at the end of the ming dynasty. As a must-passing station on the way to communicate between the two capitals, Cheng Chunyu of the Ming Dynasty wrote a song called "Shui Xujie Song", which composed 46 stations between Nanjing and Beijing as a ballad, which is easy to remember. The boundary between Anping and Huaiyin is the station of the two houses in Yangzhou and Huai'an. In the courtyard of Huaicheng, there are statues of Marco Polo and Kakusongling, because they were closely related to the city. In the famous "Marco Polo Travels", the operation of the post and the post of Yuan Dynasty is vividly recorded, and he lived through Gaoyou and the richly produced post, he travels in the record that "when a person arrives at a stop, he takes his postal packet, does not stop, One stop at a time, and it's extremely efficient.
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姐姐的粉丝There are not many tourists on the eleventh, and it is still good to take a leisure tour with children. You need to take the boat to the island, tickets and boat 100 yuan, the cost-effectiveness is not very high. There is a reed labyrinth, half an hour by boat, blue sky and white clouds, beautiful scenery
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Observation Deck
姐姐的粉丝Wenyoutai is one of the eight scenes of Qinyou, because of the deep cultural heritage and pleasant scenery attractions attract tourists from all directions to visit. During the Yuan Feng years of the Northern Song Dynasty, the four literati, Su Dongpo, Qin Shaoyou, Sun Xinlao and Wang Dingguo, made a discussion on the poems and articles on the temple table behind the Tushan Mountain, so there is a theory of "wenyou".
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Erdi0711One of the Top 10 freshwater lakes in China. I have friends there, so I often visit. Nice for sunsets.
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小小绿带爆米花In the morning, it was very dark and there were sporadic raindrops. I temporarily changed the itinerary and left it for tomorrow. Zhenguo Temple, built in the 7th year of the Tianhui of the Northern Han Dynasty (AD 963), is a royal temple built, its Wanfo Temple is a relic of the Five Dynasties, in China's wooden structure only later than Wutaishan Nanzhao Temple and Buddha Temple. After many expansions, the three Buddha Temple existing Ming Dynasty murals, and Qing Zheng Qianlong rebuilt two houses.
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大田原市王览The environment was unexpectedly good, which gave us a big surprise. Take a quick shot, it is so beautiful. It's great to bring children to play, it's so fun. 【view】

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Wenyu Tai (Wenyu Platform)Yangzhou,China

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About Gaoyou

Gaoyou City is located in the northern part of Jiangsu Province, along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and on the banks of Gaoyou Lake. It was a mail post during the Han and Tang dynasties. Gaoyou is a famous historical and cultural city in Jiangsu Province, that was recorded in the writings of Marco Polo. Gaoyou has many attractions that are worth visiting, such as Yucheng Postal Stop, Zhenguo Temple Tower, and Lingtang Mosque. There are also cultural attractions such as the Wang Zengqi Literature Museum, Chinese Duck Culture Museum, and Chinese Philatelic Museum.

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Here are the best places to visit in Gaoyou, including: Mengchengyi Museum,Gaoyou Lake Reed Wetland Park,Wenyu Tai (Wenyu Platform)
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