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Things To Do in Gapyeong-gun

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AURURA木木See Nanxun Island, and popular Korean drama from the stars you know here, but here in Jiaping, you need tickets, it is also a Korean Saturday holiday place, Nanxun Island, foreigners tickets discount, Koreans need tickets.
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D39***09The island is a great place to catch some cool photos in the winter, but there are plenty of tourists now, and students can also see the winter events, if it's a quiet day, it's great to stay here for a day ..
44 Reviews
City Park
D29***66this garden is very relaxing, seeing flowers and nice art form for trees and bonsai’s make my eyes really fascinated.
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CheyannaBringing kids on the weekend is a good option. However, most Swiss homes have owners and are not accessible.
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Botanical Garden
分享韩国_gonguThe filming location of the Korean drama [Wind Blowing That Winter] starring Zhao Incheng and Song Hye Kyo. This is Song Hye Kyo's mansion. Although winter is a bit bleak, you can still see the beauty of summer! The cafe on the left side of the main entrance is also very emotional. Garden ticket: 6000 won/person (about 36 yuan)
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貓貓達In South Korea, the South Korean island of the Metasequoia Avenue, has played a number of inscription love stories. Autumn and autumn, autumn red sky, is also the most beautiful season of the island, soaking in the process, fine red leaves, a long view of the fir forest, is a beautiful scenery and extraordinary photo-taking place!