La Cote-de-Gaspe
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Things To Do in Gaspe

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National Park
Travel_LoverExcellent place for BBQ. Don’t miss the Whale 🐋 show which is the best activity ever.
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亚布的微笑The very old lighthouse is basically useless now. There is a charge at the entrance, but the guard leaves work at 5:30, so you can visit it after 5:30. The cannon on the grass was used in foggy days before, but later it was changed to an electric horn.
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Historical Site
City | ​​landmark
Nearby City
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第二号爱人An emerald-like natural lake with turquoise and turquoise greens, clear to the bottom, turquoise and shiny, you will immediately feel like eating mustard when you swim in the water. If you bring a big watermelon to soak in the refrigerator this hot day, you can eat it in this environment A few mouthfuls of iced watermelon and a bottle of ice beer may be a good choice.
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