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Things To Do in Genhe

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Cultural Experiencial Area
lgplbggThe most worthwhile thing to see in this scenic spot is the reindeer, there are more numbers. Children like it more. What really impressed me was the fact that after going out behind the Lebar museum there was an Oriental Spring flag tent sitting by the fire inside and eating the freshly baked Lebar while listening to the elder sisters telling the story of the reindeer and their national experiences, the food and story made us feel like it was in China The cold. A must do experience when you have the opportunity.
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323232The view is not to say, there is a place to stay in the house at the door, looking at a lake seems to be in Switzerland, the scenery is really good, there are too many flies, there is also a battery car 10 yuan per person, you can stop and walk, the whole can
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滇国剑客Although the name is a bit confusing, I have to admit that the scenery of Mangui Yiksama National Forest Park does have the characteristics of a forest park, plus the good air makes people yearn for, it is a very good place.
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M44***76Entrance fee is 50 per person and it is worth a visit, the Ewenki are the last people in China to have legal access to guns and the whole nation is now leaving only a few hundred reindeer
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呼伦贝尔丫蛋Very characteristic place! ! ! Lengji Village at 52 degrees north latitude, Lengji Village eats the non-polluting farm vegetables grown in Lin Village and various mushrooms, wild fruits, large steamed buns, and big stews from the forest. What you see is the original flavor The forest family and the original forest scenery, sleep on the northeast fire Kang, drink the small burning of the forest, and play the characteristic entertainment of the forest. Ice gar, DIY ice lantern, sawing wood, splitting half sons, setting off fireworks, Through the forest and sea, what you can appreciate is the enthusiasm and simplicity of forest people.
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老鹰在飞翔Hulunbuir Mangui Town, known as the "Red Bean Town", is a place that many travel friends are yearning for. Mangui is a homophonic of the river name "Mengkuyi River", named after it is located on the south bank of the Mengkuyi River. Mangui Town is very unfamiliar to many people. Mangui belongs to Genhe City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.