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Cultural Experiencial Area
小飞侠爱冒险Worth the punch 1. The reindeer are so cute and 10 bucks to tickle them and run with you 2. Learn about the history of the Ewenks and the hunting is a culture 3. Leba memorial to the history of breads from all over the world if you can stay in the Scenic Spot in the summer, there are other entertainment and punch points
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JoshuazhuThe next day of the National Day, there are no people's beautiful scenery. It is about 70 kilometers by car. It is about a dozen cars in the morning. You can stop and take pictures along the way. You can also climb the mountain and walk the path through the forest. Perfect tour experience!
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老鹰在飞翔Inner Mongolia Yiksama National Forest Park is located in Mangui Town, Genhe City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. There are Crescent Bay, Footprint Lake, Catfish Bay, Sister Lake, Ecological Park, 1409 Photography Base, Siberian Red Pine Forest, and Forest People in the park. Wait for more than 20 natural landscapes.
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ann_ywangIt was raining early in the morning, and with the patter of rain, we visited the Aoluguya Ewenki Reindeer Culture Museum. The Ewenki people are a long history of forest hunting people, distributed in China and the Russian Federation. There are more than 30,000 people in China, of which more than 200 are in the Aoluguya Ethnic Township. The Aoluguya Ewenki people are the only tribe in China that use reindeer. Their reindeer culture, hunting culture, birch skin culture, animal skin culture and shamanism culture extend the Arctic culture to the Xing'an Mountains in China. Different from the special status of western reindeer, reindeer was an important means of transportation for the Aoluguya Ewenki people in the past, but it changed with the success of antler cutting in the 1860s. The Aoluguya Ewenki people are still the last tribe in our country that still uses birch bark artifacts. The dazzling array of birch bark products in the museum reproduces the flourishing age of birch bark making artifacts at that time, and this technology is currently facing loss. With the advancement of the times, the traditional skills that represented the crystallization of the wisdom of the people at that time were slowly lost. You can only see from written records or museums, but how many new skills more suitable for the current standard of living are slowing down. Appearing slowly makes our lives more convenient now. Survival of the fittest and natural selection are the eternal laws of nature! After coming out of the museum, it was still raining, but we still went to visit the Roe Deer Garden in the rain according to the established schedule. Roe deer is a small deer family animal that lives in mountains and grasslands and is one of the common wild animals in the Northeast. The roe deer has typical deer eyes, beautiful and gentle, as if with a touch of sadness. The children feed the roe deer with moss in their hands. The roe deer sticks out its wet tongue to lick the moss in the children's palms, and occasionally licks the palms of the children's palms; even though it is raining, the roe deer is still elegant and leisurely Walking in the steps of the deer, there is no irritation or irritation, and happy laughter from the children comes from time to time.
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呼伦贝尔丫蛋Very characteristic place! ! ! Lengji Village at 52 degrees north latitude, Lengji Village eats the non-polluting farm vegetables grown in Lin Village and various mushrooms, wild fruits, large steamed buns, and big stews from the forest. What you see is the original flavor The forest family and the original forest scenery, sleep on the northeast fire Kang, drink the small burning of the forest, and play the characteristic entertainment of the forest. Ice gar, DIY ice lantern, sawing wood, splitting half sons, setting off fireworks, Through the forest and sea, what you can appreciate is the enthusiasm and simplicity of forest people.
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Cherry??2009^_^[Drunk Beauty Inner Mongolia·Mangui] Lin Hai is reckless, and pine waves are bursting. Mountains, trees, pastures, forests, the road from Genhe to Mangui has been covered with a golden coat, dazzling and fascinating against the blue sky!

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Inner Mongolia Genhe Forestry Bureau Genhe ZhumuchangHulunbuir,China

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De'erbu'er Railway StationHulunbuir,China

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Aoluguya Ewenki Reindeer Culture MuseumHulunbuir,China

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Sengong SquareHulunbuir,China

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GenHeShi BuXingJieHulunbuir,China

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