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Things To Do in Goleta

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City | ​​landmark
_We***47Such a beautiful little district! From the minute I landed it was amazing. Weather is beautiful and mountain views from all over the city. If you're in LA it's a must to go visit only 2 hours by car!
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Ancient Settlement
sculptorThere is a 5,000-person Danish village in Southern California called Solvang, in the San Ines Valley in Santa Barbara County, California. Solvang was founded by a group of Danes in 1911. It has grown into a theme town since 1947, when it attracted national media attention. The city has many bakeries, restaurants and businessmen, offering Danish flavors in California. Many of the exterior walls and buildings reflect traditional Danish styles. The 1:3 scale copy of the Copenhagen Round Tower or Rundetrn was completed in 1991 and can be seen in the city center.
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Historical Architecture
RubylanlanPassing by Santa Barbara, the place where you can come to check in 📷 is also a courthouse for more than a hundred years 🏛️. 🅿Parking is nearby, but the parking space is lucky, remember that it is free for one or two hours, you need to go around. There is a free tour🆓 to watch, please see the pictures I took for the time. The court itself is not worth seeing, nor can you enter the depths, but the entrance to the building is free to visit, you can go to the top of the building to overlook the city👀. Revolving stairs, wide auditorium, stained glass and murals, as well as sunny weather with garden greenery 🌲, the mood is beautiful! 😊 The top floor is not high, but it is indeed possible to see the surrounding scenery from all directions. You can see the sea, the sky, the mountains, and the small villages. You can leave a proof for yourself that you have been to this city~👣
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柔实先生Kutner Hola BONE CHURCH Kutna Hora, the world’s most famous church of human bones, contains no less than 40,000 human bones, from the black death patients of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century"​ People who died in the Hussite war. When the small town of Kutna was repairing the church, there were bones that were dug up everywhere, and there was nowhere to put the bones in the mountains. Until 1870, the artist rint thought of simply using it. They came to decorate the church, thoroughly disinfected the bones and arranged them into various patterns such as chandeliers, crosses, door lintels, family crests and so on. So there was this human bone church. The birth! The courtyard outside the church is a cemetery. It is said that an abbot brought back a handful of soil from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and scattered it in the courtyard of the church. Since then, the famous family members have been behind. It's proud to be buried here. The small courtyard is an inch of gold, and many cemeteries are buried here in one family. ​Walking into the scene does not give people a feeling of gloom and horror. On the contrary, it is very shocking and awe of death.
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358***33This beach is a very quiet beach in the small town of Goleta, California, not far from Santa Barbara. The beach is flat, the sand is very fine, and the water is very clear. It is especially suitable for sitting alone on the beach in a daze.
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野枫印象Santa Barbara is in California, not far from Los Angeles. Due to historical reasons, the buildings here are mainly Spanish and Mexican styles. The buildings are very beautiful and there are many wealthy people living here. In the residential area, the front and the back of the house are green and colorful, and it is a beautiful garden city. The climate here is mild, the air is fresh, the beach is soft, the sea is clear, the trees are forested, and the flowers are fragrant. It is known as "the paradise on the Pacific coast"