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173 Reviews
I23456On June 5th, the lunar calendar was planted with awns, and it was at the Nianbaoyuze scenic spot at 3pm. When I entered, I was desperate, strong wind + heavy snow + 0 degree weather. The snow-capped mountains behind the Fairy Lake can't even be seen. However, the weather in Tibetan areas is like a child’s face. Within an hour, I stood in the cold wind and witnessed the gradual hail from the heavy snow and hail days, and the snowy mountains in the distance gradually appeared, and finally to the clouds and mist. Disperse, and finally on a sunny day, this kind of weather change is really amazing and I feel so lucky. Nian Baoyu, shining in the sun, can definitely be described as unparalleled.
63 Reviews
Snow Mountain
enjoyzentThousands of mountains and white snow, on the hard ground, the deeper the winter, the deeper the snow. When the snow falls in every corner of this place, you will understand what a true snowy paradise is, with a firm faith standing, and because of that faith, you will be grateful and compassionate. The Animaqing Snow Mountain in the winter, the sacred mountain covered with snow all the year round, is unsurprisingly filled with affectionate and unmeltable white snow, and the tentacles of the Snow Fairy have already stretched out to a wider land.
27 Reviews
心似飘荡的云Purity, nature moistens the heart, seems to enter to eliminate all the sorrow, forget the life worry, only accept this pure land, snowy mountains, clear see the bottom flow of the stream. Like want to clear sky, that pure sunshine on the body, warm warmth, is the most casual pleasure!
27 Reviews
CD云上Along the way through the rain, snow and ice, into the Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, drive to the source of the Yellow River, the great mother river looks so quiet, the water is very clear, along the road less people and fewer cars.
30 Reviews
滇国剑客The ecological environment here, because away from the modern civilization, did not suffer from too much industrial pollution, but become so beautiful, natural, attracted the eyes of many tourists, came to this holy lake to visit.
16 Reviews
只为途中与你相见Very beautiful and went for absolute value. A few suggestions: 1. Don't drive too fast. The road conditions were poor. When we went there in 2015, it was all gravel roads, so don't go too fast to prevent punctures. 2. It is recommended to go out early. Because the scenery is so good, stay as much time as possible to see the scenery on the road. 3. It is best to take two or more cars together and take the walkie-talkie. Because when we went there, there was no signal from the mobile phone inside. I don’t know if I can call on my cell phone now. 4. Take a good camera and a mobile phone with enough memory, because the scenery is really beautiful. 5. Bring your own garbage bags, don't throw them away, consciously protect the ecology, because the ecology there is very fragile. 6. We have enough dry food and water. We ate dry food on the road at noon. We didn't find a suitable restaurant. I don't know if there is any.

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Niutou MonumentGolog,China

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Anjiala. Jia Mao MountainGolog,China

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Qinghai Golog Gesa'er MuseumGolog,China

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Baizha TempleGolog,China

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Maqin AirportGolog,China

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Qinghaisheng Sanjiang Yuanma Duo National ParkGolog,China

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Oct 16, 2021 Golog Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 55%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:26/18:43
Golog Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Golog, including: Nian Bao Yu Ze,Animaqing Xue Mountain,Yellow River Source Tourist Area
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