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chenweiwenBasongcuo is also known as the lake, in Tibetan is the meaning of "green water", the lake surface is 3,480 meters above sea level, the lake surface area of more than 6 thousand mu, located more than 50 kilometers from the Nyingchi area Gongbu Jiangda County in the upper reaches of the high gorge valley, is a famous Hongjiao lake and holy place. Although Bassoncuo is hidden in the gully far from the town, it is known for its forest and the pool of green water in the mountains, and it became one of the earliest known scenery in Nyingchi area.
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黛西501A rest stop with a beautiful view. Now you don't need to turn over the mouth, you can go straight through the tunnel, don't miss it, the toilet is also very clean, and even the supermarket is also a chain store. You can see how good the tourism has developed in these two years.
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chenweiwenTibet Yani National Wetland Park (also known as Niyang River Scenic Zone), across Nyingchi, Milin two counties, the water surface elevation 2920 meters, the total area of 8738 hectares. Yani National Wetland Park (also known as Niyang River Scenic Zone), across Nyingchi, Milin two counties, the water surface elevation 2920 meters, the total area of 8738 hectares. In the vast Yani National Wetland Park, the clear Niyang River flows quietly here, the river branches vertical and horizontal, curves. This is amazing plateau wetland, here is like an epic picture, beautiful people heart.
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JaneWell worth it, especially loved. It is about 80 kilometers on the way from Linzhi to Bassooncuo. Peach blossoms, blue sky, white clouds, snowy mountains, ancient castles, rare tourists...all added up, there is a quaint beauty that runs for thousands of years!
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桃子妖妖妖Tibet, the place closest to the sky. Lhasa, the city of sunlight. Linzhi, where the peach blossoms are in full bloom. Yamdrok Yumso, I met the touch of blue that fascinated me... Tibet, there are so many beautiful things to remember, and I don’t want to leave when I go. Although it was only a quick glance eight years ago, it was only a short period of eight days, but it seemed to have lived a lifetime there. May people open their eyes in their dreams and still be on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
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Rock Monument
宁静致远-qd[Introduction to the mainstay of the middle stream] There is a landscape in the Niyang River called "the mainstay of the middle stream". The rock is like a square seal with a pastoral tie. There is a villa the size of a villa standing in the center of the rapids of the Niyang River. The river water hit this boulder, splashing a wave, tumbling and shaking, taking the road. Tourists all get off here to watch, marvel and take photos. There are two opinions about the discussion and emotion of tourists on this huge rock in the water. Some people say that this is the real mainstay, staying still in the stormy sea. Others say that it blocks the trend and does not know the current affairs. "The mainstay of the middle stream" is located in the middle reaches of the Niyang River, where the mountains are steep and steep. A pine tree grows on the stone pillar and is decorated with a variety of vegetation. The view from a distance is very spectacular. Because of its peculiar shape and dangerous location, it is regarded as a god by the locals, and every auspicious day comes here to burn incense and worship, in order to pray for the safety and auspiciousness of all things. ​[Landscape] The mainstay scenic spot is located in the Niyang River on the side of National Highway 318, 15 kilometers away from the county seat. The current is quite rapid, the waves are blooming, splashing everywhere, and the sound of water is loud. There are towering mountains on the south side, the mountains are as tall as bamboo shoots, the cliffs are colorful, the peaks are strange, and the top of the mountain is surrounded by white clouds; on the north side, there are bushes and jungles on the north side of the hillside, and the top of the slope is home to the people. The turbulent, mainstay boulder stands proudly in the middle of the river. The four characters on the boulder were made in one go, and the pen was strong and vigorous. On the top of the boulder there was an lonely pine tree growing tenaciously. [Legend] According to legend, this big stone is the seat of "Zhen Se Demu" for self-cultivation and meditation. The boulder is tributed by the locals as the "guardian deity". It burns incense and worships every auspicious day in order to pray for the safety and auspiciousness of all creatures in the world. On the top of the boulder stands an evergreen pine tree with various vegetation decorations. The viewing is magical and spectacular. A large mountain stands about 200 meters away from the mainstay of the middle stream. The mountain is unique in shape, steep and dangerous. It is called "Mother and Child Worship Guanyin Mountain" by the local people.

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Zhaxi IslandNyingchi,China

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Jiaxinggoushuilian WaterfallNyingchi,China

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Zhaxiqu LinsiNyingchi,China

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Tibet Treasure StoreNyingchi,China

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