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Historical Site
麦兜小少爷Gold rush dreams across the ocean——Remember New Zealand’s gold rush town As early as the middle of the 19th century, a large number of gold mines were discovered on the South Island of New Zealand, and the major mines recruited a large number of workers. New Zealand’s population has increased sharply. Dayang went to pursue the dream of Chinese people. At present, there are dozens of large and small gold rushing towns in the South Island of New Zealand, including Queenstown, which is already famous, and it is inextricably linked to gold rushing. When it comes to gold rushing, one cannot fail to talk about the history of the development of the small town of Greymouth. Before the end of the nineteenth century, Greymouth was just an unknown town, backed by the Southern Alps and facing the Tasman Sea, with beautiful scenery. Later, gold mines were discovered here, setting off a gold rush. Gold prospectors flocked here from all directions, making it the largest city on the west coast. The town we are going to today is Sandy Town, a place only 20 minutes away from Greymouth by car. Today, Xiao Zhu will take everyone to a small town to relive the gold rush dreams of our ancestors. The ancient steam train at the entrance of the town will take me into the jungle, reminiscing about those hard gold rush years. A logging plant deep in the jungle. A place for workers to rest, have a drink, chat, and a day’s hard work and exhaustion. Then it dissipates. Although the small town is small, the facilities are complete, and the local cute baby who came to play in the bank jungle has a slightly simple post office. On the other side, there is a deep nostalgia that can never be put down. The focus is on gold rushing experience. Do you go home with as much gold as you can, and you can take away what you get. Let’s take a look at the way my friends are focused. My harvest, the gold shavings deposited at the bottom of the bottle are almost negligible. Knowing that gold is not easy, haha
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旅の径Melaleuca Rock, a simple and intuitive name, a unique attraction on the West Coast. The scenery is spectacular. Pieces of huge rocks shaped like thousand-layer pancakes bulge into the sea from the cliffs, or they may rise to the sky, or connect into one piece, with magnificent momentum. Stop and watch ~ the sea breeze, the waves, and the sound of birds; move to the scene ~ supernatural craftsmanship, colorful, impressed by the beauty and power of nature. Comprehensive facilities. The trails, viewing platforms, and signs in the scenic area are very scientific and comprehensive. After entering the scenic spot, follow the trail and make a clockwise circle to see the whole scenic spot completely without taking any wronged roads; standing on the viewing platform, the most spectacular scenery is right in front of your eyes; follow the signs of the signs , It can not only increase knowledge, but also take evocative photos. The transportation is convenient. Starting from Greymouth, the car takes 45 minutes to the north along the highway and arrives at the scenic gate on the side of the highway. Parking is also very convenient. Many tourists regard her as the first stop on a counterclockwise tour around the South Island.
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Cobden CaveGrey District,New Zealand

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GaltarvitiGrey District,New Zealand

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Point Elizabeth WalkwayGrey District,New Zealand

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Punakaiki Pancake Rock and BlowholeGrey District,New Zealand

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MoanaGrey District,New Zealand

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Grey District Aquatic CentreGrey District,New Zealand

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Sep 16, 2021 Grey District Weather: Partly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 66%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:35/18:23
Grey District Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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