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涛涛讨喜wGuiping Xishan is located one kilometer away from Guiping City. The Guangxi Buddhist Association is also on the Xishan Mountain, which is also a famous Buddhist mountain. 4A level scenic spot. You can take the cable car to the mountain and climb the mountain. The whole Guiping can see.
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_We***95The cruise ship is in Longtan Forest Park. Tickets are 60 yuan, tickets and cruise ships are 99 yuan. It is cost-effective. Guiping drives 30 minutes to the scenic gate. The scenic gate is 20 minutes by car when you enter the cruise ship. You can drive by yourself or take the sightseeing car scenic spot of the scenic spot. The Dateng Gorge has a beautiful environment. Fresh air, pleasant views and a great place to take family
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National Park
印度酸辣粉There are local specialties under the mountain, the homestay, away from the city hustle and bustle, overall very good, suitable for young people, this is called climbing, hand and foot, the temple is also old, one of the 36 cave days of Taoism in China, 600 meters above sea level, can overlook the entire town of Mabu, after the late charge, strengthen management and development, The potential is still very big. After all, there are few scenic spots that Guigang can take. Come on.
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LHCYThe Guiping Tropic of Cancer Park is located about 5 kilometers east of Guiping City, Guangxi, by the Nanwu Second Class Road, Xiaowen Village, Shizui Town. It is named after the park was built on the Tropic of Cancer. The first Tropic of Cancer landmark tower in Guangxi was built there. In the park, you can take a trip to Guiping.
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320***19I played the most exciting time in rafting. There is no commercial atmosphere. The original ecology is free to take pictures and upload. Some people guard the key positions. It is enough. I hope that I will develop more local products in the mountain. I really don't have to bring some of the chickens and ducks raised by the boss. I can go back to the space of the car.
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M29***62Guiping Xishan is famous for its "stone strange, tree show, tea fragrance, spring sweet". There are ridges and ridges, tens or even hundreds of cubic meters of huge boulders stacked, among which there are rugged rocks and a serene stone path. Towering stone trees, green shades, magnificent natural landscape. Xishan tea is famous, fragrant and delicious, and is sold everywhere. Quangan has always been praised by the world.

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Baishi MountainGuigang,China

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Guipingshi MuseumGuigang,China

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Guipingshi Christ ChurchGuigang,China

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Longtan National Forest ParkGuigang,China

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Tianwang Valley DriftingGuigang,China

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Guiping Guojia Dizhi Park MuseumGuigang,China

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Guiping Travel Tips

About Guiping

Guiping City is in the southeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and is a county-level city administered under Guigang City. It is located where the Xun, Qian, and Yu rivers join. Guiping borders Pingnan, Guigang City to its east and the cities of Laibin and Yulin to its north and south. It is one of the more populous counties of Guangxi and is the autonomous region's primary producer of grain. Guiping City abounds in tourism resources. It has Xishan National Park, honored as a gem on the Tropic of Cancer, and the site of the Jintian Uprising that began the Taiping Rebellion. It also has attractions like the Tropic of Cancer Park and the Longtan (“Dragon Pool”) National Forest Park, nicknamed “Little Xishuangbanna.”

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Guiping
Sep 24, 2021 Guiping Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 88%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:29/18:35
Guiping Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Guiping, including: West Mountain Scenic Area,Longtan National Forest Park,Baishi Mountain
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