Halls Gap
Northern Grampians Shire
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Things To Do in Halls Gap

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National Park
JNGbeautiful drive from twelve apostles to the grampians National park. very very windy and cold - but fun nonetheless!
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Observation Deck
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慕容云卿My first encounter with the virgin forest-like exploration of The Pinnacle in the Holes Valley. I heard from friends that the Holes Valley sounds beautiful. I imagined climbing from the narrow valley to the top (The Pinnacle), slowly walking or climbing Go up, enjoy the natural scenery all the way, it is really beautiful. The actual situation, let’s listen to my explanation this time...※Playing experience※The Pinnacle is actually the place of the pinnacles on the top of a mountain in the Holes Valley in Grampians Park, and there is an observation deck. We walked slowly from the valley because the scenery is so beautiful. There are blue rocks along the way. Looking into the distance, verdant shrubs and trees survive between the rocks. To tell the truth, these green vegetation are really strong. In such a harsh environment, they can still have such a tenacious vitality. Along the way, I saw a lot of kangaroos and a group of little kangaroos jumping around on the tree, making a crisp sound, like singing, welcoming our guests from afar. Climb to The Pinnacle (peak viewing platform) and enter the valley at 9:30 in the morning. It took about 5 hours to reach the peak at about 3 in the afternoon. Although it is a long time, I look at the viewing platform and see everyone The mountains are in white mist, like entering a fairyland, and we are like gods wandering on the clouds. ※Warm tips※ Accommodation: National Plaza Hotel, very good, starting from 500 yuan a night, free luggage storage. Food: The food in the scenic area includes roasted sweet potatoes, beef steak, mashed potatoes, etc. Remember to prepare some kangaroo nut snacks