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Things To Do in Handan

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博士小美女Jingniang Lake Scenic Area is located in the north of Koujomura, the mountainous area of Wu'an City, Handan City, Hebei Province. It is also known as the mouth of the Taihang Mountains, or the mouth of the reservoir, known as the "Taihang Three Gorges". According to historical records, Zhao Zhao sent the story of the Beijing Niang to take place here. The lake was named after the story of Taizu's visit to the city of Beijing. It was built between 1966 and 1969, with a maximum water surface of 2,500 mu and a reservoir capacity of 32 million cubic meters. The lake is shaped like an inverted "human" with two branches in the East and West and three kilometers in length. Here has been developed into a tourist scenic spot and summer resort with the help of the landscape. Including Gaoxia Pinghu, Xianling Gorge, Songzu Gorge, Jingniang Gorge, Nu Lion, Tortoise probe, Eagle View, Lushan grain goddess Shesu Dieqiao Xiuyu Huofeng Jingxiu, makeup cold pool remorse, Yunya Jizhi ancient rock floating, Qingfeng open screen dangerous rock collection, and other 18 attractions. With unique natural resources and human resources, the scenic area of Jingniang Lake is a unique opportunity to promote local culture, which is a "the pearl of Taihang in South Fujian".
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Historical Architecture
Historical Site
M11***56After you get off the high speed and walk a little road to the scenic spot, the parking lot and the scenic spot are not very far away. In the scenic spot, it is recommended to use the shuttle bus to go to the main scenic spot. The attached scenic spot is a normal park. It is not very important to visit. It is not recommended to take the cable car, because the end point of the cable car is still far from the palace of Sapporo. It is necessary to take a long road. It is better to save money and climb the mountain directly. And you can't see the Palais de Ville on the cable car. The Palais de Ville is very beautiful and the incense fire is relatively prosperous. There are very few meals in the whole scenic area.
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Geological Sites
-v小草v-Two days in a row, more than 60,000 steps, walk the complete course, you say how! This is a by the 14 years from the Great Wall of the Middle Proterozoic red quartz sandstone, with gravel rock landscape as the main features, set the Xiong, strange, dangerous, and Jun as one of the mountain-like natural scenic spots. My evaluation only has one word, is "good"! The more wonderful!
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Ancient Settlement
杨泽娅Guangfu City has a history of over 2,600 years. Late the late summer King Jiang Jiande and Hanzhong King Liu Hei-ling built the capital here, and later for the dynasties of the county, state, government, county. There is a magnificent, ancient city walls; There are elegant and beautiful, unique structure of the Xiangji Bridge, called the "sister bridge" of the Zhaozhou Bridge; there are Mao Sui's tomb through the wind and rain, attracting inquiry; there are reasonable layout, the construction of the West Eight Gates; built in Sui and Tang Dynasties, for strategic defense of the Tibetan soldiers cave.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
孙浩洋RobinIn the numerous 4A-level scenic spots nearby, the seven-step ditch should be the best managed. The scenery is good, there are mountains and water, and the flow of people is moderate. The scenery near Tianjing Lake is stunning. The battery ticket is a bit expensive.
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乐乐96Taihang Wuzhi Mountain Scenic Area is located in the east of Shen She County, Taihang Mountain, the mountains are steep and beautiful, the vegetation is lush and lush, with "Xiong, Qi, dangerous, show" famous. More magical, here is a line of 3 km long mountain range, nature is brilliantly formed a supine Buddha shape, exquisite, pervading the long quiet, Frei auspicious message.