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Things To Do in Hanyin

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M24***60Because it is not very suitable for the hot climate, some heatstroke, plus the old, will be seasick, so after walking for a while, I found it very uncomfortable, back to the customer service center, found by the ticket seller, warm greetings, and properly handled the refund. We are very grateful for this, and we have a deeper impression of the simplicity of the Ankang people. We sincerely feel you, Wuhu customer service!
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我有小坦克Worth going, you can also go at noon. Although it is hot outside, the inside of the mountain is very cool. If you are on a road, you can take a local private car if you are in tight time. 20 people, one way up/down the mountain, 2 hours of photo taking is enough. If you don't contact to walk up and walk down, the scenery on one road is the same. If there are many people driving by themselves, it is possible to drive others up and then go down to the car can also achieve the effect of saving money, of course the local tycoon ignored.
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扶疏子Hanjiang Yanxiangdong Eco-tourism Scenic Spot is located in Shiquan, covering an area of 80 square kilometers, bordering the Qinling Mountains in the north and Bashan in the south. Relying on the Han River, the scenic spot will be close to more than a dozen scenic and ecologically perfect themed scenic spots, such as the Three Gorges of the Han River, the Ancient Town of Flatirons, the Fushui River, the Yanxiang Cave, Lingque Mountain and the Ancient Village of Xiaojia, Shiling Scenery, and Changling Canyon. The 150 scenic spots are ingeniously intertwined with pearls and jade, highlighting the unique original ecological beauty of the hinterland of Qinba and the banks of the Han River, and combined with the long-standing Hanshui culture, forming the natural landscape of melting mountains, waters, banks, caves, ancient towns, temples, The ancestral hall, theater and other cultural landscapes are integrated, with distinctive ecological natural scenic spots.
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清风若溪Hanjiang Three Gorges: is a landscape of Hanjiang in Shiquan County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, can be in Shiquan County or back Liushui Township (i.e. back Liu Ancient Town) by boat tour. When the Han River flows through the stone spring, the mountains on both sides steep, forming a number of canyons, the Han River through the valley down, Qinshan Bashui Gallery is called the beautiful, among them Phoenix Gorge, Liuxi Gorge, cedar gorge scenery is the most beautiful.
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Water Park
原来是小潘潘The sun was quite big on the day I came, I took the kids to play, and the play facilities were okay. There was no hot water in the bathing place, and the cold water was very small. I didn’t know beforehand that all the items needed to be brought by myself. I thought there were bath towels, slippers, shampoo. , There is no shelf, it is very inconvenient, and it was not washed in the end, so I went straight back. The consumption inside cannot be paid in cash or WeChat. The cashier paid a deposit of 100, took 2 locks, and went in to consume 3 bottles Water, life and death do not let the accounts or WeChat cash payment. In the end, they can only run out and pay a deposit again. There are also many people in summer. I feel that some service process details need to be improved, and I hope it will be better next year.
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papaya菲Hanyin's most famous attractions are ancient terraces, Panshan Road from the mountain down to the mountain, 20 kilometers of the winding road to open for 1 hour, the mountain scenery is beautiful, overlooking the terraces under the mountain, very beautiful!