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Things To Do in Hanzhong

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Water Conservancy Project
Ancient Trail
碎方脸Very good, suitable for the weekend to walk a walk climbing activities, the intensity is not very large. As for the stone gate, the plank road is later repaired, think that with the completion of the dam was deep in the bottom of the lake, the stone gate 13 (13 square stone tablet) was excavated in the Hanzhong Museum. Tickets 70, small train 12 one way (when you can think about going up, down to take the car, actually it is quite far), zipline round trip 40, cruise ship round trip 40 (one is quite far back, this 40 is very conscience)
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M39***76Generally, the Wuhou Temple in Han Dynasty was built for Zhuge Wuhou by the late Lord Liu Xi. Zhuge Liang was here for the last eight years of his life. So this is probably the most authentic in many Wuhou Temples commemorating Zhuge Liang. The scenery is good, the environment is very good, in the sparsely visited courtyard, quietly feel the time of 1700 years ago, sometimes the birds will shake the small fruit on the tree. As if time is and go far, the Minister is still here...
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曹 操Qingmuchuan Ancient Town ~ National AAAA Class Tourist Scenic Area. It is a town of Ningqiang County, Hanzhong City, located at the junction of Shaanxi, Gansu and Sichuan Provinces. It is connected to Qingchuan County in Sichuan Province in the west and Wudu and Kangxian in the north. It is known as "One Foot Three Provinces" ~ Jiming Three Provinces. It is the most western town in Shaanxi Province, 108 kilometers from the county seat and 197 kilometers from Hanzhong City. Night falls, the entrance of the ancient town on the hillside, there is a view of the town night view of the terrace, in the rain and fog and light, the ancient town is very dreamy. In the morning, early out of the hotel, quiet, dew, let people feel comfortable. The ancient town has excellent natural conditions, good ecological vegetation, rich historical human resources, traditional old neighborhoods, ancient folk customs, folk customs and traditional life, all have unique style painting meaning.
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M34***01More than 20,000 acres of scenic spots only four monkeys, four cows, two cats... First stop to see the monkey, a vision of the golden silk ridge, only four monkeys imprisoned in the cage, workers are not careless playing saws, scared national treasure shrinks in the corner, has lost the luster and vitality ... Second stop to see the cow, See the first cow don't want to go in, after the other heart is a block of queue for an hour, by car for five minutes, get on the bus is crowded, management is set up protests ... the third stop to see the panda, national treasure is a national treasure, even if dirty yellow, still be surrounded by water. A "refund" sound in the echo on the road, when the animals are borrowed, the sound appears more powerful!
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雪天亦青尘When I went, I had time. Overall, the natural scenery is very good, the air is very fresh, suitable for relaxing ~ Autumn catching up with the good time, the colorful colors will be amazing ~ Recommended
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🌦云卷云舒The scenery is good, the blue sky, white clouds, green grass, sunny, and the vastness and level of alpine meadow. The only thing that is missing is that there is no water scenery, so there is a slight lack of charm. Overall praise.

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Xiaonanhai Scenic AreaHanzhong,China

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Yong City of Qin DynastyHanzhong,China

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Taoba Escape Room ClubHanzhong,China

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Haimeng Maoxianwangguo Amusement ParkHanzhong,China

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Shengshui Peach GardenHanzhong,China

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About Hanzhong

Hanzhong (汉中), in southwestern Shaanxi Province, is a well-known historical and cultural city that Liu Bang, Zhuge Liang, and other historical figures used as a military base. Many monuments to history, including the “Two Hans, Three Kingdoms” cultural heritage site, can be seen in Hanzhong. The ecosystem of Hanzhong is excellent and has earned the area the nickname the “Little Lower Yangtze of the Northwest.” The South Lake Scenic Area in Hanzhong is beautiful and made even more alluring by the simple, rustic architecture found here.

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Here are the best places to visit in Hanzhong, including: Hanzhong Shimen Catwalk Scenic Area,Huayang Ancient Town,Wuhou Temple
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