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Featured Neighborhood
suifeng2019Quedlinburg’s old town is small in size, with unique flagstone pavements, intricate alleys, and more than 1,200 truss houses with a history of more than 600 years. It looks old, unique and full of charm.
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爱听德雲社相聲的小昕Popular castle-Wernigerode Castle, Germany Wernigerode Castle is located in the middle of Germany, the small town of Wernigerode in Saxony Haan, where East and West Germany meet. Very close to the Harz National Park, the local characteristic steam train is as beautiful and cute as a fairy tale, and is very popular with tourists. The train can directly reach the Broken Mountain, the highest peak in northern Germany. The castle town of Wernigerode is quiet, peaceful and comfortable, and its architecture is very regional. The streets of the town are not wide, but they are clean. Except for the main road, the alleys are usually paved with floor tiles with a sense of age. From the town, you can see Wernigerode Castle on the mountainside. The castle was built in 1110 and 1120. The legend of the witch adds a little mystery to the castle. Apart from the architectural features, the outside of the castle has no bright spots, but the interior decoration is extremely exquisite and luxurious. The stairs full of geometric art make people can't help but marvel at the craftsmen's accomplishments. The fountain of the castle puts a small frog with a crown at the spout, details are everywhere, childishness and seriousness coexist. Food recommendation: German schnitzel with chili sausage, vinegar braised beef, fried grayling, onion patties, pickled herring, potato gratin
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Other Sightseeing Tours
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Other Sightseeing Tours
舒芙悠Bring your baby to Germany during the summer vacation. If you have time, you must visit the small town of Wernigerode in Harz. Here you can take a narrow-gauge steam train up to Brocken Mountain, which is the highest mountain in northern Germany and the famous Witch Mountain. Riding the "retired" steam train up the mountain is an unforgettable experience! The two drivers are responsible for coal burning, water injection and overhaul, showing the German craftsmanship in front of tourists. The sound of the train whistle can be said to be intoxicating, which is clearly listening to history. The most people who take the train are families. Parents carrying their children on their backs have to go through the process of riding the old train. The fathers were busy explaining the principles of steam trains to their sons, and the Germans had a deep passion for trains. On the top of the mountain, you can see plants growing more than 1,000 meters above sea level. There is a circle of bronze medals on the ground showing the coordinate directions and straight-line distances of some places. The fairy tale town where we settled is 13 kilometers away from Weinigerode. The narrow-gauge railway station is right next to the central station. It is recommended to stay at Altora Hotel (Hotel Altora), which is only a 3-minute walk from the railway station. In the hotel restaurant, the toy train is used to transport drinks to the table, which is creative. There is a direct steam train from Wernigerode to Broken Hill every day, departing at 9:10 in the morning and returning at 1:14 in the afternoon. The train ticket can be bought at the front desk of the Altora Hotel, and the round-trip ticket is 47 euros/piece. Rocken Mountain is 1141.2 meters high, and the temperature at the top of the mountain is only 11°C in summer. You must bring a thick coat to keep you warm.
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National Park
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Historical Site

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Oct 28, 2021 Harz Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 75%, Sunrise/Sunset: 08:02/17:56
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