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Geological Sites
John4563In March this year, we went to Baimo Cave, thinking there were 100 demon caves, actually is a homophonic 100. There is Baimo spring water. There is a charge for the cave, how much money forget. Basically, it is karst landscape, with the light effect layout, what shape, and a story. The biggest feature of the hole is high magnetic, many people here to treat diseases. I don't know what works? But I sincerely wish everyone a safe and happy!
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Geological Sites
大亚湾的鲨鱼Although the name of this attraction is a bit tacky, the scenery is very beautiful. Away from the longevity village of Bama, there are very few tourists during the National Day. Very ornamental. The cave hall is very large, with various stone flowers, stalagmites, stone pillars and stalagmites dazzling. The long-knowledge count is Figure 7's "Goose Tube", which is huge and is said to be the second-largest in the world.
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Geological Sites
波娜特袁绍The attractions went to the National Day, buy tickets at Trip.com, there are two types of tickets, one of them is cheap to wait for 1 hour to enter, the more expensive can go directly, I live at the Bainiaozhuang Hotel, very close to the scenic spot, walk to, then take a boat into the hole, after entering, I feel very magic
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Geological Sites
沙漠里的赤裸裸Fengshan fairyland Sanmenhai. "The skylights of Sanmen Sea Scenic Area are seven, and are arranged in the form of seven stars in the north gate. It is the only tourist resources in the world," said Dr. Nosario Lukiri, a famous Italian scientific explorer. "The three gates of Fengshan are magnificent, and the skylights of Sanmen are falling with beads. Xingshan, water, cave, heaven is one, is the world rare, unique. "The Sanmen Sea is also called "the World's Window" by experts and scholars at home and abroad. The Sanmen Sea Skylight Cluster is a collection of mountains, water, caves and sky, which is a spectacular, mysterious underground river resource, wonderful and magnificent karst lake, karst spring, large karst cave group, Tiankeng group, skylight group, All the characteristics of karst landforms such as Tiansheng Bridge are concentrated in Sanmen Sea Scenic Area, enough to become a karst world geological park.
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Ancient Villages
唔系老实Longevity Village is located in Bama County, Hechi City, Guangxi Province, which is a world-famous longevity town. There are 69 centenarians, and the number of longevity is the largest in the world. It is a village that looks very ordinary. The Panyang River flows in front of the village, and there are a lot of farmland by the river. Longevity village around the mountain, there are two mountain peaks are carved "fu" and "shou" two red large words, in the village far away. In addition to residents, there are many tourists, and all over the country to cultivate the health of migratory birds. The cost of renting houses here is not very expensive, the price is moderate, the local residents are more simple, every morning can see the migratory birds to buy meat and vegetables. Live in longevity village is not bad for a while, live a long life is a bit monotonous.
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Famous Residences
gz当地向导伊妹儿The scenery of Liu Sanjie’s hometown is beautiful, the fairyland on earth is generally beautiful, very beautiful, interesting, good choice, intoxicating, natural oxygen bar, feel the local national culture and customs, very good.

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Liu Sanjie Hometown Scenic SpotHechi,China

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Shuishang Xiansi LinHechi,China

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Thanksgiving HoleHechi,China

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About Hechi

Hechi is a precious land of rich tourism resources located in the northwest border area of Guangxi. Hechi abounds in attractions, including a breathtaking karst landscape, remarkably varied natural scenery, a down-to-earth folk culture, and resources for longevity that are rarely found in the world. Here you will find tourism attractions like the Xiajian River in Yizhou City, the Nandan Hot Springs, and the Liujia Valley (the “Liujia Three Gorges”).

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Here are the best places to visit in Hechi, including: Baimo Cave,Bama Crystal Palace,Bama Birds Rock
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