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Things To Do in Helong

41 Reviews
Rock Monument
滇国剑客Xianjingtai Scenic Area, the scenery is very impressive, whether it is the severe winter of snow and ice, or the season of blooming spring flowers, there will be a charming scenery here, which is very fascinating, as if you can come here to talk to the fairy.
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吾兮永Helong City Museum was established in 1997 and is one of the city's patriotic education bases. It is mainly responsible for the patriotic education exhibitions of the city's cadres and primary and secondary schools.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
滇国剑客This is an ancient village, a place where revolutionary martyrs fought and has a glorious history of revolutionary battles. It is also a place with infinitely beautiful scenery, and it has become a popular place for tourists and friends.
13 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
老挝彭于晏In fact, there are really many places in Helong that are very small and very beautiful. This is a reservoir, and it is also a more interesting place on Baiyun Mountain. Compared with Long Reservoir, there is still a comparison inside. There are a lot of aquatic creatures, and there is also a small lake next to it. Such a place is also a good ecological area.
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City Park
滇国剑客Because the riverside park is close to the water surface, various buildings, green plants and flowers are all blooming with eye-catching colors, attracting many tourists and photography enthusiasts to come for sightseeing and exhibit their photographs.
Nearby City
120 Reviews
付付Interesting and fun, the game of the braver of the glass suspension bridge, the cowardly don't enter, played the rainbow slide, the children are very happy. Because there are no flowers in this season, the scenery will be more beautiful in September. Everyone has already made an appointment to see 🌸 in the fall. Trip.com has a better price and will come again.