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Things To Do in Hengdong

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Historical Architecture
ulic14Despite most people just taking the shuttle busses to the summit, the hike to the top was actually quite pleasant. It was able to stay away from the road for most of it, and actually included natural trails in sections. Not all areas are clearly marked, but locals helpfully pointed me in the right direction of I took a wrong turn. Even in the heat of summer when it was sweltering at the bottom, the mountain was cooler, with much if the trail shaded, near streams, or both, often with a nice breeze blowing the higher up I went.
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乐吃购Some call it the "Southern Palace Museum", red tiles and green trees, magnificent, especially the effects of aerial photography. But the building was built in that era can not be found, but at least in the Tang Dynasty already exist. This is the largest ancient building complex south of the Yangtze River, Visitors are like clouds all year round, it is a historical building to visit, the product is a humanistic heritage, so it is well worth visiting!
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Famous Residences
296***58Good for the surrounding area, nice view of the small village, you can see a large lotus pond in summer, there is free explanation in the former residence, there is a memorial not far away, listen to it, get an education
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CynthiaSueI was finally able to get out and do things after staying in China. I'm an English teacher at a University in Hengyang. I took Disk, and it was not a mistake. It ended up being the best, funniest and interesting ride on DiDi yet to date. From where I am located in Hengyang, close to Hengyang Dong Railway 11 yuan from here, the Countryside is beautiful once you out of the city. The cave isn't super big, but breath taking once your inside the 30 yuan you pay supports the surrounding villiages, and the cave is very well maintained. these photos are taken with my nikon, on a beautiful day.
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滇国剑客The world dotted with flowers and green trees makes Wujiashan Forest Park more layered, and this dense forest vegetation changes the color of the exposed mountain, and it also supports tourists under the light conditions. The "big umbrella" that blocks the sun creates a good viewing atmosphere.
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ulic14The temple is pretty on this large, flat peak. There are views, but better ones can be had nearby Huixian Bridge.