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Things To Do in Hengnan

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Historical Architecture
ulic14Despite most people just taking the shuttle busses to the summit, the hike to the top was actually quite pleasant. It was able to stay away from the road for most of it, and actually included natural trails in sections. Not all areas are clearly marked, but locals helpfully pointed me in the right direction of I took a wrong turn. Even in the heat of summer when it was sweltering at the bottom, the mountain was cooler, with much if the trail shaded, near streams, or both, often with a nice breeze blowing the higher up I went.
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Nature Reserve
滇国剑客Jiangkou Niaozhou Nature Reserve in Hengnan County is a place worth visiting for those who love nature and enjoy outdoor free activities. The amorous feelings set off by the depth of the green pond, as well as the various flowers blooming in season, will attract many tourists with their own "styles".
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乐吃购Some call it the "Southern Palace Museum", red tiles and green trees, magnificent, especially the effects of aerial photography. But the building was built in that era can not be found, but at least in the Tang Dynasty already exist. This is the largest ancient building complex south of the Yangtze River, Visitors are like clouds all year round, it is a historical building to visit, the product is a humanistic heritage, so it is well worth visiting!
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我就是静静啊~It is the first resort in Hunan and the top of the four major Chinese Academy, both rich cultural heritage and natural scenery, and there is no tickets, free to visit, is definitely the must to go to Hengyang.
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City Park
滇国剑客Taking the name of Xu Shi Fuxing Park, there is a preconceived concept in the public’s psychological recognition. It is here to meet the steps of the rising sun, and then the afterglow of the setting sun dissipates until all kinds of lights flicker. Every time there is There are so many tourists and friends.
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