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Things To Do in Hengshan

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CHRIS ZHU到此一游,have to the point of view and I don''t think that it was not immediately available from my house
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携程旅行顾问小丫丫When you come to Hengshan, you must visit the "Jiangnan First Temple" Nanyue Temple. This temple is about 100 meters opposite the Hengshan Visitor Center, very close! The scale of Nanyue Temple is very large. After entering the door, there are many different temple Taoist views on both sides of the left and right. You can't see it anywhere else! It is said that here make a wish very successful, I may one, hope can be realized!
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毛肥😍2020-10-20 Off-season Huaguoshan tour carefully organized with baby guide: 1. It is most suitable to live in a homestay under the Huaguoshan mountain the night before. You can park your car, and the boss will take you to the entrance of the scenic spot . You can search it online. 2. There are only three scenic spots in the entire scenic spot of Huaguoshan, and other scenic spots can be ignored. Except for those who climb mountains to exercise. 3. Big tickets must be purchased the day before. It's five dollars cheaper than buying it on site. After arriving at Huaguo Mountain, I quickly bought a ticket for 25 yuan to ride to the top of the mountain. Then start from the top of the mountain and go down. The first stop is the Yuhuang Pavilion. 4.😊 The place with the most monkeys is the Yuhuang Pavilion. After watching the monkeys and feeding the monkeys, you can go to Shuilian Cave. Don't burn incense or buy poncho in the store halfway through. You don't need a poncho in the cave in autumn. 5. After visiting Shuiliandong, you can directly buy a ticket to go down the mountain for 20 yuan. Because there is nothing to see in the rest of the place, it is just a pure waste of energy, and directly ride down the mountain to the door to see the super big koi fish. Then you can say goodbye to Monkey King. 6. All the people who sell things in Huaguoshan are very affordable. What prices are outside of popsicles are what prices are inside. The cold noodles with grilled sausages are very delicious, and the price is also very affordable. This scenic spot is still very good. 7. Don’t miss this guide if you bring your baby to Huaguoshan, it saves time and effort.
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152***51In the entire Huaguo Mountain, my favorite place is Shuilian Cave. It is exactly the same as in the TV series. It is so amazing that I can’t help but break in and take a look. Even though I get wet, I don’t care anymore. The scenery of the cave is even more beautiful!
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噼里啪啦[Interest] Mountains and villages may racing, wild trails in a mess of self-pity, the morning dew dust outside quiet, birdsong flying away. When encountering greater difficulties, because of adaptation to "low match" life, he will choose lower match because of pressure to comfort, with a short-term happiness temporarily paralyzed himself. A man's life, it's just a waste.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿The scenery of Nantianmen is good and pleasant. Although the weather is hot, climbing to Nantianmen is tired and happy. It is interesting and cost-effective. It is refreshing, comfortable and great.

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About Hengshan

Hengshan is one of China's five great mountains. It is located in Hunan Province's Hengyang City. At an altitude of 1,300 meters and because of the good climatic conditions, the mountain is verdant and thick with greenery. The natural scenery is breathtakingly gorgeous. As a result, it is known by the beautiful moniker of "the Great Southern Mountain." The Hengshan Mountains have a total of 72 peaks including Changsha's Yuelu Mountain and Hengyang's Huiyan Peak. Hengshan—the Great Southern Mountain—also holds many places of interest as well as myths and legends, which have formed a rich and colorful culture. It is like a giant park or garden harmoniously merging humanistic culture with beautiful landscape.

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Here are the best places to visit in Hengshan, including: Mount Heng Scenic Area,Grand Temple of Mount Heng,Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area
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