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Things To Do in Hiroshima

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D26***89It's worth going there. Every season has a good atmosphere though I highly recommend visiting there in Spring. From Misen Mountain, you can see such a spectacular view!!Local food is also good! There are plenty of choices to grab.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Kurowonderful shrine .... you can enjoy your time here , walking along the coast , gentle patting the deer , the food here also really good ..... near the shrine you can enjoy the food and souvenir street , also you can spend your time on hiking the mountain ..... during the evening when the water getting low you can walk along the big toori , around 4-5 , you can ask the store or ryokan owner about the exact time ...... very nice and beautiful island
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
乐吃购The original bomb dome was the most famous landmark in Hiroshima, and the predecessor was the industrial encouragement hall in Hiroshima Prefecture, but during the Second World War, the bomb was dropped on the U. s.military's 8 6 day 1945, and the bomb center fell nearby and the surrounding buildings were almost flat. The building was a ruined building, but it was barely preserved, and the dome became an anti war symbol of this sad incident and was registered as a world heritage site in 1996.
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City Park
D36***23the word peace and serenity best describe the park and its layout. whilst the museum shows the horrors of the bombing and its aftermath. still very memorable.
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fly_me_to_the_moonShodoshima seems to be the largest island in the Seto Inland Sea, so you still need to travel by bus! After checking in at Shodoshima International Hotel, I bought a one-day bus ticket at the hotel for 1000 yen. I originally planned to go to the Olive Park + Soy Sauce Memorial Hall, so that 1000 yen is worth the fare. As a result, the three of us went crazy in the Olive Park. Considering that we had to eat the banquet dishes booked by the hotel in the evening, the soy sauce factory would definitely not be able to go to that day. We plan to go again the next day. The soy sauce factory that bought the ticket directly the next day, the plan cannot keep up with the changes, so it is the last word to do nothing before the trip~~~ The day trip ticket is not suitable for free and unsophisticated people like us, haha~‼ ️Ps There are still a lot of tourists during the art festival. We have to return to the hotel from Olive Park on the first day. The bus can't get there at all. The driver told us that there will be another one...so two buses will appear at the same time! Later, I encountered this situation in Takamatsu, so I really love to travel to Japan. As long as I follow the timetable, I am not afraid of not being able to get on the bus, and I have a seat to sit and take a comfortable look at the scenery back to the hotel~
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Other Places of Worship
空空CJThe special ferry to see the big bird house, also because I was too late to Miyajima, visit the time of the shrine of the island, so I also hurriedly take pictures. The mall is also closed very early, about 6 pm, the whole street is almost closed, there is no mean to make tourists money at all) The deer on Miyajima is much more gentle than the deer in Nara, but it is still forbidden to feed! I hope to have a chance to visit the look of the big bird house next time.