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Things To Do in Huaibei

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City Park
Steven ZhangThe coal base in Huaibei and Anhui Province in Huainan province is also the energy supply base in the Yangtze River Delta, which is the leading economic zone in Shanghai. The pollution of the coal industry is not small, but the city under the mountain trees in Huaibei is not easy. In Xiangshan Park, the green vegetation can be seen in the environment, the people who play are eye-opening and smiling of the state of the citizen life explains the happiness of the city. Xiangshan Park is the main axis of the North Fujian City Park, the surrounding radiation southeast and northwest four lake city park. Xiangshan Park is not only a citizen park, but also a cultural place. There are many stone monuments in the park are recorded in the city of Huaibei, if you are interested in learning about the city, you may wish to visit Xiangshan Park. Xiangshan Park is a public park with patriotism and education, so every weekend there are children to visit here, tired play in the gazebo to rest. Everywhere, full of vitality of children, reflecting the vitality of the city from the side. Is the beauty of huaibei limited to this place? Then we will go to another park to see. The sky, white dew frost, so-called Yi people, in the water side! The words in the Book of Songs can be appropriately expressed in the park scenery! Where is this? If this is a park from a mine, do you believe? The coal base in north Fujian is full of coal mines, these abandoned mines are local converted into the city viewing lake, water from the Huaihe River treatment water. The measures to make the old wasteland a city park and a treasure made the northern part of Huaibei, which was supposed to be a dirty place, the southern part of the city. The environment around the abandoned mine pits has become more livable, with various foreign-style buildings rising up and becoming a beautiful scenic spot in Huaibei. I think people living in the northern city of Anhui are very happy. No matter you believe or not to be represented by the northern city of Fujian beautiful scenery, high happiness index, through photos can express everything! Some people want to say why the cities of Huaibei are very similar to the streets of Nanjing and Shanghai, because the city of Huaibei has long-term intercourse with the cities of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and the construction of the "small three lines" of the people of Shanghai in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, which gave the idea of the city developing in parallel with the economy. So the idea of urban construction and environmental protection is very obvious, so in Huaibei City can see this is not the big city but like the big city of the city. Yamano Jun dared to say that Huaibei is the representative of the development of the northern Anhui city.
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_We***55the nanhu wetland park is such a beautiful place to visit and discover, hope you all enjoy the visit
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Featured Neighborhood
噼里啪啦[Interest] Open the years of passionate fighting and pay tribute to the forefathers. Labor is the most glorious, labor is the happiest! Everyone's happiness, labor is worth it! [Cost-effective] is not bad, no money to walk.
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天鹅湖的青蛙The battle of Huaihai should be the worst battle in the south, I remember the Whirlpool River side? At that time, the head of the political committee died in battle. Together! After basically except for the Jinmen regiment-level cadres rarely casualties. Go ahead, if. It is also the battle of Yuecun caused the death of the head of the political committee.
Nearby City
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National Park
阿狸旅游I entered from Huangzangyu North Gate, and the ticket was 40 yuan / person. I entered the glass bridge from the North Gate. The front section of the road is about 1 km flat, and the mountain climbing is about 1 km. It takes about 40 minutes to climb to the glass bridge. The glass bridge is 40 yuan / person separately. Because it is the beginning of March, the green vegetation is not a lot. The overall scenery is OK, you have to go to the top to see it. After arriving at the glass bridge, I am going back to the North Gate by the original road, or I will go down from the south to the East Gate and go far. I don't have time to go to the southern part of the mountain, because the entrance to the north gate is 13:30, afternoon time is tight.
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M23***65The museum of Huaibei City has many thousands of cultural relics, including the bronze puppet jade garment of the Han Dynasty, the excavated cultural relics of the great canal of the Yanagi Tang Dynasty in the north of Huaibei Province, and the excavated cultural relics of the spring and Autumn Warring States period and the Qin and