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Things To Do in Huaihua

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Ancient Settlement
gz当地向导伊妹儿Hongjiang ancient mall is known as "the bright pearl of west Xiangxi", "small Nanjing", "southwest metropolis", the unique architectural style charm, interesting, cost-effective, good choice, great.
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Ancient Settlement
tomzhaoYueyang ancient city is located between Hongjiang ancient mall and Huaihua, you can visit Hongjiang ancient mall after taking Hongjiang to Huaihua bus at Yuecheng station to get off. The ancient town is not big but not commercialized. It is very original. Tickets include the Furong Building, the Zhongzheng Gate and Ranxiang Park. At the Furong Building ticket office, you will report the name and mobile phone number to pick up the ticket and enter the park. The management standard of the scenic spot, the attitude of the staff and the responsibility of the staff are very beautiful. Great views, great overall, fun, fun, good value for money,
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湘武林Taro Ancient Dong Village, located in Tongdao County, requires tickets. The style and appearance are better maintained. The Dong Village is larger. Compared with the Huangdu Dong Village, the development here is late and the original flavor is more original. There will be shows on weekends and holidays. The traffic from the county town to the village is average. One morning is enough time to have fun with the locals. The surrounding villages have lush vegetation and good air.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿Tongdao Huangduyu Ethnic Culture Village is located in Tongdao County, Huaihua City, Hunan Province, with unique architectural style, strong interest, pleasant scenery, high cost performance, and feeling local customs, customs and folk customs.
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Memorial Hall
ki***iThe scenery is good, the overall is great, for the flying tigers in China there is a very detailed introduction and display. The flying tiger memorial is the Flying tigers general Chen Nad's wife, Ms. Chen Xiangmei personally nominated.
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小桥流水Children's paradise, there are a lot of marine life, in the teaching of fun!