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643 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
205***90On the way back to Beijing from Inner Mongolia, I passed Zhangjiakou and stopped here for a night to see the chickens. The parking fee in the ancient city is five yuan, and the ticket purchased online is charged several yuan. The specific few yuan has been forgotten. Very quaint little city, not much repair and commercialization. The instructors are all local people. There are museums, photo galleries, photo galleries and so on. It's quite up to the knowledge. The city wall can also go up. I played in it for four hours.
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Hot Springs Resort
_We***34On the bank of the beautiful Guanting Lake, there is a community with warm Tangquan, a warm lakeshore hotel, dental clinic, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy center, indoor sports center, and most importantly, it has the largest viewing lake shoreline. On December 10th, the community The ice and snow carnival starts, come and enjoy the fun of ice and snow with your family
285 Reviews
南北是真的Three people temporarily decided where to go around Beijing and where to visit fewer people. The scenery is good. The area where the scenic spot can be seen on foot is relatively small, but it is very suitable for taking pictures. There are horseback riding, karting, many items, ok
154 Reviews
观澜墅小杨After visiting here, you can come to the lakeside of the Guanting to see the Lanshu line facing the lake. The environment is very good. You can experience the lakeside walk and jog, blowing the lake and smelling the flowers.
221 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M33***74Before my family had a membership card, but I went for the first time. It's really cheap. What bicycle is needed for this price! Chong! The public area is swimming and hot springs. I am very happy. Hahahaha
23 Reviews
ChihiroLBGuanting Reservoir Wetland Park is a very new park in the suburbs of Beijing. It is more suitable for self-driving, and it is convenient for all ages. There is free parking next to the visitor center. It is only 5 minutes walk to the visitor center and no tickets are charged. The park is large, it is recommended to take a sightseeing bus tour, the ticket price is 40 yuan / person. The sightseeing car passes through three parking spots, each parking spot has a large area of wetland, wooden plank road, etc. for tourists to take pictures and play. Tour time is abundant by people, but it takes at least an hour, and the price/performance ratio is very high. At present, there are not many tourists, I heard that summer will be a lotus, hope to become a new summer resort.

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Hailiangqishi ClubZhangjiakou,China

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Wenxinyuan Shuishang Renjia Hot SpringZhangjiakou,China

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Youyi MuseumZhangjiakou,China

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Huailaixian MuseumZhangjiakou,China

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Duocailedi Theme Children Amusement ParkZhangjiakou,China

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Tumu Culture Square (North Gate)Zhangjiakou,China

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Close to nature, the best scenic areas around Beijing for families with children
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About Huailai

Located in northwest Hebei Province, Huailai is China’s wine and grape capital. Huailai County has a long history and many tourist attractions. Historic sites include a section of the Great Wall built by the Yan state during the Warring States period (475–221 BCE) and the stone caves carved during the Northern Wei era (386-535) at Tianhuang Mountain (“Celestial Emperor Mountain”). Huanglongshan Village (“Yellow Dragon Mountain Village”), on the north side of Huailai, is a scenic destination with mountain streams, meadows, and resorts. Here you can climb mountains and experience leisure activities such as an evening bonfire party where a whole goat is roasted.

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Huailai Weather

Oct 17, 2021
2 ~ 12
Oct 18, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Huailai
Oct 17, 2021 Huailai Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 14%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:30/17:36
Huailai Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Huailai, including: Jiming Post,Tianmo Park,Huanglong Villa Tourist Area
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