Huangshan Scenic Area
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Things To Do in Huangshan Scenic Area

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34,489 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
Kate in ChinaBreathing views! Enormous territory, unique landscapes and unforgettable sunrises 🤩
2,094 Reviews
E33***72Beauty at its finest. When picking routes, the riskier the better
1,583 Reviews
Observation Deck
E55***03Me and my friends camped somewhere around Beihai because we wanted to see the sunrise. If you’re planning to camp on top of the mountain and take good pictures, this is the perfect place for you. But make sure you wake up early(4 am ish) to secure a good spot. Otherwise, the place will be flooded with people. Specially if it’s a holiday season.
883 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
D24***93Good place to soak after hiking too much and getting incredibly sore Good: clean, beautiful, great views, open no matter the weather, you can stay as long as the busses run (until 10pm)Bad: not all pools are open, ticket is 200 rmb (might be more if its not tourist season)
1,051 Reviews
Ancient Trees
阿尔布斯肖恩Yingke Song is one of the ten famous pine of Huangshan Mountain, and one of the landmarks of Huangshan Mountain. It stands on the east side of Yuping Peak and is born in stone. The tree is at least 800 years old. The tree is about 10 meters high. The two branches extending up to 7.6 meters in the middle of the tree trunk are just like a hospitable host swinging his arms forward. Welcome guests from home and abroad to visit Huangshan
796 Reviews
欧小咩Definitely five stars! The most satisfying place after coming to Huangshan! ! ! I remember that the elementary school Chinese text "Tiandu Peak" gave me full shock, and the place on the back of the carp was deeply engraved in my mind~~~ Now, after coming to Huangshan, I will conquer the sky. Feng's desire grew stronger. After staying in Huangshan for one night, the next morning, after watching the sunrise, I started walking down the mountain. Then I went to the foot of Tiandu Peak with my good friends instead of taking the ordinary road and not taking the cable way. How can I say that I don’t want to climb Tiandu Peak again, because the day before was tired enough, but under the coercion and lure of me, I finally set foot on the “road of no return” with me~~~ Let me cry~~ ~ Ascending to Tiandu Peak not a quarter of the distance, looking at the towering ladder, everyone is tired into dogs, panting, and entering the state of three steps, one walk, five steps, one rest, but fortunately, they meet three Little boys, encourage each other and move slowly. After many hours of hard work, let’s leave it alone, and come to the legendary crucian carp back! ! I drop a mother! A section of the road without guardrails scared me half on the ground... Sitting on a stone bench, an aunty said to me, "Girl, don’t go up, you are so afraid of it now. You can go up? I’ll just rest here. Go, anyway, I won't be there anyway, you'd better go with me!" Quaga heard this, I immediately became energetic, with sharp legs and feet, and shouted to her, "Is it possible to come over? Let me take you away! "My aunt smiled and said goodbye to me, and then I jumped on the back of the carp~~It's so beautiful! ! Especially when the sky was just right that day, the entire Huangshan Mountain that was set against it stood out amidst the greenery~~~ I advise you to go to Huangshan Mountain, you must go to Tiandu Peak! ! Must go to the carp back! ! ! Otherwise I must regret it! ! ! !

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Shixin PeakHuangshan,China

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Aoyu PeakHuangshan,China

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Huangshan Taiping cablewayHuangshan,China

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Meimao PeakHuangshan,China

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Poly Tone SongHuangshan,China

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Huangshan Scenic Area Weather

Sep 19, 2021
21 ~ 35
Sep 20, 2021
Thunder with Showers
16 / 26
Sep 21, 2021
18 / 32
Sep 22, 2021
18 / 34
Sep 23, 2021
19 / 32
Sep 24, 2021
20 / 31
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Huangshan Scenic Area
Sep 19, 2021 Huangshan Scenic Area Weather: Cloudy, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 92%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:54/18:09
Huangshan Scenic Area Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Huangshan Scenic Area, including: Huangshang Mountain,Grand Canyon of West Sea,Huangshan Hot Springs
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