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Things To Do in Huanren

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
草叶飘飞World cultural heritage, personal feel worth to see. More than 2,000 years ago, Zhu Meng built the city on the Wunu Mountain, now still retains the wall of that time, witnessing the time in a hurry. 18 plates long enough, a line of sky is steep enough, the lake is long enough, Taiji eight cities, the perfect combination of nature and humanities. Recommend to visit, feel the change of the world, know the life of this Guo Ren.
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winnieThe scenery of the tiger valley gorge is really beautiful. There was no guide in the previous area. Friends said that the tiger valley gorge had a glass path. You can take a boat. You just went with your children. I didn't expect that this mountain was really rolling, good legs and legs, no two and a half hours, If you don't want to walk and climb the mountain for so long, I would advise you to think twice. In fact, the scenery is still very beautiful. If the weather is cool, bring good supplies to the area to enjoy. First, you have to take a cruise for about 20 minutes, get to the bottom of the mountain, then get off the boat at the port, there are four glass paths on the mountain good (can't remember), the safe slide inside has been closed for a long time. There is a supply station on the mountain, you can buy mineral water to drink and eat, of course, people so strenuous back up, must be a price, is acceptable. Mineral water 8 yuan a bottle, drink 12 bottle, dry tofu roll scallion 10 yuan, grilled sausage 8 yuan, if you feel expensive, bring yourself a sufficient dry food, climb up. The whole mountain has repaired the steps, every rest stop has personnel remind, still very good, the mountain air is fresh, especially clean.
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夏吹夏夜风"Yulin Yingqingquan, green trees cover the valley", in the eastern mountainous area of Liaoning, the south of Huanren Manchu Autonomous County has a collection of "forest, stream water, oxygen bar, maple leaves" leisure and holiday tourism scenic spot Yulin Valley. The scenic spot maple leaves beautiful landscape. After autumn frost, maple leaves from green to yellow, yellow gradually orange, From orange to red, red and purple, colorful, and October blue sky, constitute a beautiful picture. Yulin Valley is a more preferred attraction for locals, summer oxygen bar, autumn red world. Driving by yourself is the first choice, the county forest international travel can take bus + ticket 80 per person, 9 am: 30 (Wunushan Station) and 10:40 (Forest International Travel Gate), each, return time 15:00. Take the battery car up the mountain and go down the mountain on foot is a good choice, otherwise the physical strength is expensive, you can see the scenery and not too tired. The battery car sat in the eighteen Arhats Forest and climbed directly to the red dome. The steps of the red dome are really many. The drunken pavilion and the red dome are in the other direction.
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Geological Sites
洛克-KThe third stop of self-driving tour #1 Wangtiandong 10.13 arrived early in the morning from Hengren and then thought about buying tickets and then waiting. Actually, I saw the online ticket purchase platform. It doesn't save a few money. It can save 56 yuan directly. It can save 10 yuan and 8 yuan. Then I bought an electronic ticket and had to wait for an hour, then I bought it 60 by the direct window. The electronic 55. And it was spectacular, as we've seen on video and television before, and now we've seen it with our own eyes, it should be stalactite, but it should be upside down, it doesn't seem to be, there are all kinds of rocks. The shape of the water that flows all year round. Then nothing strange, more than an hour to walk quickly finished, slow 2 hours to get done, 60 yuan plus parking 10 yuan. The temperature in the hole low leg stocking skirt will be very cold, haqi is very white. I don't know how this stream water hole will be, it is estimated that it is almost the same, I originally wanted to go, I don't have to go now. The ticket price is 30. It is appropriate to finish things later. Then hurry to the next location, old side ditch.
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依水寒石The first drift in the Northeast, children like it very much, the scenic area is also relatively large, in addition to Longxi Valley and drifting, new additions, Terror City and a small water park. It's just that the daily business hours of rafting are too short, from 10 am to 3 pm. The northerners are okay, the southerners have just started to eat morning tea at 1pm. It is recommended to extend the business hours of the scenic area. After all, the summer days do not go down until six o'clock. If the business hours are extended by two hours, how much passenger flow will increase.
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陆坚强It is worth walking, especially if you have faith in Buddha! This island is in the middle of Huanlong Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Liaoning. It takes about an hour to arrive by boat. The scenery along the way and the scenery on the island are beautiful.

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Huanren Weather

Oct 17, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Huanren
Oct 17, 2021 Huanren Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 25%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:52/16:56
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