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Things To Do in Huian

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Ancient Settlement
ONLYOU惟伊Quanzhou Ancient City has several points, but Chongwu Ancient City operates best, and Yongning Ancient City is also OK. Here, you need to buy tickets by the seaside, and the ancient city living area can be free to enter. There are many activities here on the May Day holiday, there are really many people. Chongwu accommodation options are not many, Xisha Bay Hotel is the best. The Chongwu fish roll is most famous, then seafood.
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leb***geJulong Town is a hidden gem nestled in the hills in the greater Quanzhou area. Go for a pleasant stroll around the lake, watch the amazing birdlife or just simple sit back and relax and enjoy the views.
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M51***02The whole family went to play during the eleventh period. The location was pretty easy to find. It was not far from the highway intersection. But we went to the wrong place and drove to the turntable in Julong Town, coming from under a bridge. I didn't see a special parking lot. The road at the entrance of the scenic spot was barely two lanes (Figure 1). Fortunately, it was not too late and stopped on the side of the road. Tickets are 68 yuan for adults, 50 yuan for children from 1 meter to 1.4 meters, and 35 yuan for the owner of Julong Town. Contains some package items, and some self-funded items (Figure 2). The pedal boat is relatively old, and the water gun in the front row is broken. Looking at the article on the Internet a few years ago, it is possible to spray water with the water gun. The lake (like a river) and the scenery on both sides of it are good. Perhaps the most fun is the aerial ropeway. From the tower, whizzing down the ropes, people weighing less than 100 or 90 kilograms cannot play (for fear of stopping in the middle of the road:)) There is also a pool area with a children’s paddling pool. The children are playing in it, but the water is not very clean, but the children like it. Bring towels and a change of clothes. After playing, go to the next rain pool to clean it. In short, the scenery is not bad, and it is okay to bring children to play.
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s j j s y 20210115Luoyang Bridge, Quanzhou, Fujian: According to the records, it has a history of thousands of years. It was built by the Yonghe group in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, and lasted for seven years. It is one of the four famous bridges in China, but it is the only one that crosses the sea. The boat type bridge pier is so creative and washed out by the thousands of years of sea water, it is still robust and beautiful! Besides the amazement, I can only admire it! [the scenery] has a distinctive [interesting] feature and a good view [price/performance]
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乱了风[Scenic] The unique coastline, fine sand long beach, can blow the sea breeze in the room balcony, enjoy the tide rising and falling, catching sea fishing, especially the sunset and sunset, beautiful to stunning. Roll up the trousers, step on the beach, all the way tired sweeping away. The Bay Area is full of Hui'an women, strange costumes and folklore, soaking up the local town life. [Interesting] Natural beach baths, you can dig sand to catch the sea, pursue the excitement you can go to the motorboat and the speedboat, tired you can eat a barbecue and sing in the beach park, the hotel also has a superb seafood buffet, after eating, you can go to see the local famous " Millennium Hui Fei", to experience the local culture in depth.
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Hot Springs Resort
水果很甜Julong Town departs from Xiamen to Julong Town in Quanzhou. It takes an hour and a half to drive the whole journey. The high-speed fare is 36 one-way and the round-trip 72 high-speed fare is quite expensive, but the road is better, and I got off the highway. Basically, we arrived at Julong Town. It is a hot spring town with many distinctive high-end residences. Then the entrance of the financial town is a circular passage. There are security guards over there, so it’s usually not easy to get lost. When you get to Julong Town, you park your car on the side of the road, and there is a parking space on the side of the road. After you enter, you don’t change your hand very far. Entering the locker room, the locker room is still quite big, a little antique, the locker room is still quite big, the equipment is very new, all the hot spring areas are entered, basically open air, there are some hot springs It's in some corridors. There are some hot spring areas in the cloister, which are sheltered, and there are many children's areas. Among them, there is a relatively large children's area that opens at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and there is a small children's area that opens at 10 o'clock in the morning. In fact, for my two-year-old baby, this smaller children's area is enough for him to play, so there is a trend of fish spa in the fish spa area. At that time, it was a special price of 38 yuan, buy one get one free. I bought a fish spa for my parents. It was quite comfortable after the treatment. Not to mention that the water in the fish spa area is a bit cold, and I feel cold after staying in it for a long time. . As for the hot spring in Julong Town, the area is still quite large, and then there is a swimming pool at the innermost point, and there are many small pools along the way, the area is still quite large, and the whole environment is very good, and, In the small town of Julong in Quanzhou, there were also many tourists who went to visit at ten o'clock. There is also a circular building like a pavilion. Inside there is a very shallow children’s swimming pool. There are all balls in it, and all balls in it. Then, there are big boxes for babies, you can use frames and balls. Playing in it is also quite interesting. There is no one in there. There is no one to eat. In the hot spring pool area of the hotel, some people bring their own food in the table and chairs area, and eat there. Then there is no one in the hotel, and no one in Julong Town. Stuff. Then I asked if there are some storages in Julong Town. There are some transparent small grid Xiangzi for storing mobile phones in the group. In fact, they can't be used. I have tried as many as I can't use them. They are just decorations. Parking in Julong Town is also free, and you can park on the roadside