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E61***89we had such a great time as for me and my friend ,the bay has a bluish-greenish clear water ,we had a lot of time to play with seashells ,make a big sandy castle in which a lot of people ended up asking us to take a picture with it which was fun ,we walked around mostly since the bay is a bit big ,we swimmed and sitted in the water too since we liked how the waves were moving around us and we also liked playing with the small fishes ,at the end of the day the sunset was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen.The environment around the bay is convinient since there are alot of attractive attractions around it and the food is very cheap ,fresh from the sea and tastes so delicious .it was a worth adventerous trip .lastly thanks to ctrip for always making my travelling life more easier .
2,221 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
你阔爱哒LPGood service, many projects, very happy day, the inside is very large, the hot spring is very real, the hand will not wrinkle in one day, there is time to hope to stay for two more days, it is best to stay in the hotel haha 😄
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_We***77nice photogenic views , extreme trolleys , 4500 meter high mountian kissing the clouds . Truley beautiful
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MeelanThe double moon bay area is a nice getaway from the city. It's easy to reach. We took the railway from Guangzhou South to huidong Station and then a 40min Didi to the bay area. There are several restaurants within the area. The food was just average though and slightly expensive. We took a nice hike to the viewpoint where you can see the two coastlines- there are many bike taxis to take you to the top too. Great sea facing accommodation options in the area at a fair price and a long coastline. 4 stars because the beaches were not very clean in some places.
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Hot Springs Resort
深国建幕墙Fun fun, 51 went too many people, slippers are not enough? There is free watermelon and drinks. Free parking in the parking lot. The waterskiing for two was fun. The net red shop opposite the scenic spot for 15 years boasts, the front people said not good, we go to the next few people's shop (front left) eat beard chicken (shajiang) very delicious, the bamboo and green vegetables industry delicious!
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睡恣@M丶Like a sea of paradise, the sea is clear and green, the beach is white, the strange stones, the landscape is praised. The personal feeling of the scenic spot is the greatest highlights of three beautiful beaches and a natural stone park, and at the same time distributed a crescent-shaped inner bay. List the scenic spot, the island vegetation is lush, pavilions are glittering, strange rocks, natural interest.

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Fengzhu GardenHuizhou,China

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Xiapu Binjiang ParkHuizhou,China

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Huizhou Olympic Stadium (North Gate)Huizhou,China

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Dalajiao IslandHuizhou,China

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Regal Palace Resort Huizhou HotspringsHuizhou,China

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Yapojiao Coastal Tourist AreaHuizhou,China

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Dali:The Wind, Flowers, Snow and Moon Season of Cherry Blossoms There is more to Dali than its four famed landscapes, each represented by the local saying of "wind, flowers, snow and moon". As the weather turns cooler in November, cherry blossoms bloom.Wuliang Mountain Cherry Valley was originally a tea plantation. By happy chance, a few cherry trees began to grow. The plantation owner found them to be a pretty sight and planted cherry trees all over the mountain.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 21, 2019

Huizhou Travel Tips

About Huizhou

Huizhou is very close to Hong Kong. This is a heavily-infused Hakka area and a historic city famous for being a nice place to live. Huizhou has a relaxed old district where a slow pace of life is the norm. You can visit Xihu, or West Lake, or the old city walls. There are many vacation spots nearby such as Luofu Mountain and Nankun Mountain with their wooded mountain scenery or Daya Bay and Xunliao Bay with entrancing ocean landscapes. You can also go to Longmen and soak in the hot springs. It is a nice way to spend a relaxed holiday break.

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Huizhou Weather

Sep 29, 2021
27 ~ 35
Sep 30, 2021
27 / 35
Oct 1, 2021
26 / 35
Oct 2, 2021
25 / 33
Oct 3, 2021
25 / 32
Oct 4, 2021
25 / 34
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Huizhou
Sep 29, 2021 Huizhou Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 73%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:13/18:12
Huizhou Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Huizhou, including: Luofu Mountain,Cloud Nine Hot Spring,Xunliao Bay
I recommended Shili Yintan (Shili Silver Beach), Daya Bay, Yanzhou Island, Nankun Wanda Amusement Park, Turtle Nature Reserve.
Airplane, although it is necessary to turn around, it is much faster than the train of twenty hours.
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