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Things To Do in Hunchun

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我自独行独行客Fangchuan Village is located about 70 kilometers south of Hunchun City, Jingxin Town, a famous scenic spot Fangchuan Scenic Area (Fangchuan Scenic Area) is located under Zhanggufeng, the lowest point of Jilin Province. A few kilometers ahead are the "earth" monuments set up by the Qing government's imperial envoy, Wu Dashui, and the Russian representative, Baranov in 1886. It is only 15 kilometers from here to the mouth of Tumen, and can overlook the sea of Japan. The nearby mountain tower is a watchtower, and the foggy sea of Japan connects the sky, and the nearby Chinese, Korean, Russian and Russian scenes are close to each other, and the Russian side is the border town of Baodgorna on the left, and the Korean beanmane city on the right side is separated from the river.
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Featured Neighborhood
滇国剑客The name is called European style, but there are also a large number of Northeast buildings under the tone of European architectural style. And it is the beautiful scenery with "earth" style in the middle ocean that attracts a large number of tourists.
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City Park
Ethan_uIn the big park in the center of Hunchun, we may have passed by a small road. However, goose is the kind of small road beside the main road. It suddenly opens up when you enter. With very few people, it feels really big. There are some sculptures around the lake. Yo, da da, it feels great
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滇国剑客The scenery of Tumen National Forest Park is infinite, unique, and artificial intelligence construction projects here have taken the role of drawing dragons and clearing the sky, and in line with the primitive ecology of the forest, it has pushed up the tourism boom.
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xiaomaoxian0910This is a private private museum. Although it is not too big, it has educational significance and can be visited by children. There are also some beautiful painting exhibitions in Hunchun. The wall of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is very distinctive.
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City Park
滇国剑客Although it is a sand dune park, artificially planted shelterbelts for sand prevention and control play a huge role here, and they have become people's favorite forest parks. There is a sense of pride to see the green "jade belt" blocking the sand.