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Tom HungThis area is selected according to the scenic area of Kurashiki City, including the whole area of the town, the northern part of the central 1 chome (former Kobe shrine, etc.), and the eastern part ・ Achi 2 chome ・ rhombus 2 chome. The generalized beauty area consists of the traditional preservation area (the first kind) and the traditional preservation area (the second kind). The traditional preservation area (the surrounding area of Kurashiki gawa River) is the name of the traditional preservation area of the Kurashiki gawa River. It was designated as a preservation area of important traditional buildings in the country. In the early Edo period, in Kanei 19 (1642), when it was designated as tenryo of the Edo Bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a Shogun), Kurashiki daikan was established in the area and developed as a distribution area in southern bicchu province. From Kurashiki gawa River to the south side of Kurashiki mountain, the town hall in the tenryo era was completely preserved in the arrangement of white wall residences and warehouses. In 1969, the beautiful area was designated by the Kurashiki city Ordinance. In 1979, it was selected as the preservation area of the important traditional building group in the prefecture 2nd.
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西行阿里It is a three major gardens in Japan along with Kanazawa kanen and Mito koen, and it is a migratory garden of Ikeizumi, which was built by Tsunamasa Ikeda, the Lord of Okayama domain 300 years ago. The living room "Yanyang Pavilion" as the center of the distribution Noh-Le stage, pond, mountains, Meilin, tea garden, and more in the Japanese garden very rare wide lawn.
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茱丽叶amazing place, despite the rain when I went there. need a ferry ride to get to the island. can spend a good day walking around and visiting the art exhibition. enjoy fresh udon noodles and take fun pictures .
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M32***23This is the first time I have come to a place that can only be seen from the Shinkansen window. The Shinkansen station is one of hundreds of castles in the world and can be reached on foot. I confirmed in advance that the museum is closed. 100 famous castle stamps are in the office next to it. I look forward to visiting the castle tower and museum next time. This is a rebuilt castle tower, but the park is well maintained, and most importantly, it is recommended that you be in front of the station.
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M18***13An unexpected mansion, a beautiful garden with sculptures, a place that you would dream to leave in!
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maychenKurashikikan is a Western-style wooden building in the Kurashiki Bikan District. It was built in 1917 as the town hall of Kurashiki. It is currently a tourist information center in Kurashiki. It is also a place where you can rest for free. There are vending machines and coin-operated lockers. The Kurashiki Museum is undergoing maintenance and renovation until September 2019, and the temporary sightseeing case is located in the Kurashiki Monogatari Museum.