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Things To Do in India

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
varThere are few buildings that evoke such a depth of feeling. Built as an expression of the love that Shah Jahan held for his second wife, Mumptaz Mahal, the beauty of the mausoleum has withstood time and is a true wonder.For those unfamiliar with the history, Jahan had ten wives. He favoured Mumtaz above all. She was 20 when they married in 1612. She gave birth to 14 children, but died following the delivery of the 14th child. She was only 39. While on her death-bed she asked Jahan for a promise. She asked that he build a monument befitting of the love that they held for each other.The Taj Mahal is much bigger than I imagined. The building centres on the resting place of Mumtaz and Jahan. But the Taj Mahal is itself at the centre of a number of buildings, including a Mosque. The ornate gardens are well maintained and, at the time of my visit, were crowded with visitors, mainly from within India.The marble floor of the walkway around the Taj Mahal is quite slippy, well polished by the bare feet of the many visitors who have gone before me. I found the stairway to the Taj Mahal to be quite unnerving.I got good value for my 750 rupee admission fee and would recommend the Taj Mahal to any romaticly inclined person such as myself, but if you have a loving partner, bring her too.
665 Reviews
TripIndia’s national monument stands regally in the heart of New Delhi. The 42 meter-tall sandstone and granite arch commemorates the 90,000 Indian Army soldiers who died fighting in both World War I and the Third Anglo-Afghan War. Within the monument, a black marble cenotaph adorned with a rifle and helmet, along with an eternally burning flame marks the Amar Jawan Jyoti; the flame of the immortal soldier.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Gautam1politically and culturally very significant place in india.Best time to visit in rhe month of January.Got a market inside.Nice to visit with family
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_GG***23This is a religious place and an architectural marvel as well! It looks like just a huge lotus flower from a distance. The aisle towards the temple makes you feel like walking towards a piece of beauty! Once you enter you can literally feel the silence and can meditate. It is a prominent attraction of the capital and I would recommend this place to everyone.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Historical Architecture
Rohit historical place on the name of great king chatrapati shivaji maharaj located in Mumbai Maharashtra
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Lakshmi DeviVaranasi Ganges River radiates a beautiful spiritual energy revitalising your soul