Inner Mongolia
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2,904 Reviews
National Park
Nature Reserve
RiriThis place is like a fairy tales. Scenery is amazing!! We were there in golden week holiday, was bit crowded. Try to come as early as possible if you travel with kids. Many visitors came in late afternoon to catch the sunset.
4,500 Reviews
National Park
m23***36The scenery is very beautiful, but the scenic area management is confused, people are very fierce, often have to change cars, and the line is not clear, the scenic road is also being repaired, so the car will be delayed for a long time. It takes about an hour to drive from the scenic spot gate to the Hump Mountain Tianchi. All scenic spots are closed at 5 o'clock, and many are not allowed to enter at 4:30. The Hump Mountain Tianchi is really beautiful. There are many climbing stairs and the physical strength is quite expensive. We walked for 2 hours and needed to stop and stop in the middle. The Shitang Lin plank is basically flat, very little need to climb, walk up more relaxed, basically 40 minutes to 1 hour can walk, the scenery and hump ridge Tianchi are two styles, no Tianchi shock, but also beautiful. We entered the park at 11 o'clock, but we only had enough time to walk the two attractions on the day. I didn't plan to go to the Three Pond Gorges at Shitang Forest, but the driver said that he had to change several trains to go there. It is estimated that it is too late.
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Historical Architecture
davidwzdweizd: it is a temple a little different from normal others, especially some statues.
1,384 Reviews
行摄九州Ulan Butong is also called BaShang not far from Beijing, it is very convenient to drive, now the scenery here is the most beautiful, autumn here white birch tree dyed yellow, the whole land is also golden, after the National Day of the Eleventh National Day the scenery is basically withered, there are many attractions here, Daiba, General soaking, pupa, and many other special attractions, do not miss the pupa.
1,939 Reviews
开心卫士I want to take my children to see the desert in the summer vacation. The Kubuqi Desert Xiangshawan Scenic Area, recommended by Inner Mongolia friends, booked the Lotus Bay Hotel in advance (including one large and one small scenic spot ticket), and flew to Hushi and drove about 300 kilometers. Arrived at Xiangshawan. (You can also fly directly to Erdos and the hotel arranges the pick-up.) After check-in at the holiday reception center in the morning, take a bracelet, then take the No. 3 cable car first to enter the scenic spot. Must do a good job in the scenic spot. We choose Xiansha Bay at the first stop. The first project is to ride a camel 🐫, and it happens to be the theater performance time. The play was a zodiac (acrobatics-themed show) and the children liked to watch it. Xiansha Bay is mainly amusement facilities. The rattles of sand and the hump roller coasters are more exciting. Children especially like to play bumper cars. With bracelet, they can enter from the hotel VIP entrance and save a lot of queue time. We basically played the facilities inside. It was a full day. Returned to the hotel around 5 p.m. After checking out from the hotel the next day, we took the car to Yuesha Bay. The water project is the main attraction, the main attraction is the water world, you need to change your swimsuit to go in, there are two large attractions, similar to the rapids, I have experienced it once, there is no special passage here. So the queue was long, the performance was very special, the play was the wedding of Ordos, the scene was spectacular, the content was very novel, people knew the local customs, very knowledgeable, personal feeling better than the performance of Xiansha Bay, It takes half a day to play beautifully here, after all, it is not suitable for long exposure in the desert. Leave Yuesha Bay and return to Xiangsha Bay. It is similar to a transportation transfer station, there are two or three self-funded projects, we experience sand-sliding, the slope of sand-sliding is large and deep, very exciting, a person 60 yuan, it is recommended. There is a kart experience at the bottom of the sand slide. It costs 80 yuan two laps and the length is about 2 kilometers. The child tried it and felt good. Because he still has to go back to the city, so he didn't go too late. He took the hotel's jeep to return to the third ropeway at about 5 o'clock. He had a good time for two days. Kubuch Desert is the seventh largest desert in China. It is really very difficult to build an amusement park here. Xiangshawan is recommended. Friends who like the desert must experience it. Say a little shortcoming, the two-day tour gave me the overall feeling that the service attitude of the staff of the playground, especially Yuesha Bay, is relatively poor, much worse than the staff of the hotel. Whether it is in language or service attitude, it is recommended that the scenic spot do a good job of training in time. Let each link of the Xiangsha Bay can give a good impression to the tourists.
2,856 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
Echoeygreat place to visit. nice trip. love it. feels great. warm. better to visit in summer.

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