Inner Mongolia
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Things To Do in Inner Mongolia

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National Park
蕾羹I wanted to go to Alshan early, because I saw various beautiful pictures, super grass, you are a donkey group when the National Day, follow out. It is really not easy to go to Alshan, you have to take the train to White City, then transfer, very troublesome to go to a difficult trip. But there are also direct flights to Alshan, which may be more expensive. We went during the National Day, the feeling of going was late, the leaves were all gone, there is no autumn scenery, really sorry, it is so hard to go so far, I feel a little disappointed, so I feel that everyone must choose a good time if they want to go. Although the scenery is a little worse, the husband's photo-repair technology has perfected it. It may have the most beautiful scene. The circle of friends is amazing, so I suspect that the photos on the Internet are also big after p. The accommodation in the scenic area is very poor, there is no decent hotel, all are homestays. When I went, I was building a road, the infrastructure was very poor, and the road was very bad. The scenic car got off work a little early, it was not dark yet. It was the time of the scenery that he was running out of car and had to go back quickly. It was a bit cold when I went to the National Day, it is recommended that everyone wear more clothes.
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M24***86A group of seven people went to the resort near the attractions at 3 am by car. Surprise, the scenery at night is very good, the stars are paired with wind turbines, and the horses are leisurely eating grass! Unfortunately, I didn't bring a professional camera, otherwise the photo is the right background of the computer desktop... Besides the attractions, one door in the north area and one door in the south area, it is a one-way tour. It is recommended to buy a single ticket. It is recommended to take a double ticket with the old and young. You can take a small train, a horse-drawn car and a ropeway. There are also zipline gliding grass glass paths and other items that are charged! The south side of the scenery is the grassland, the middle is some mountains and trees, and the north side is some geological features! Be sure to prepare sunscreen products. The play time is about half a day. It is recommended to go early, and save the time to take the traffic queue in the park!
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Cultural Experiencial Area
Echoeygreat place to visit. nice trip. love it. feels great. warm. better to visit in summer.
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愤怒的石榴AWell worth the visit. I bought a 280 yuan Yuesha Island package ticket to experience the ropeway, amphibious car, small train, water riding in the desert, camel riding, rapids adventure. Very happy
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Historical Architecture
davidwzdweizd: it is a temple a little different from normal others, especially some statues.
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望京小筑Ulanbutong scenic area is located in the southwestern part of keshketeng banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, once was the Qing Dynasty Royal Mulan paddock district. Ulanbutong is Mongolian, Chinese meaning red danxingshan, refers to the big and small red mountain, is a part of Mulan paddock. The natural tourism resources of Wulanbutong scenic spot are mainly grassland, lake, sandy land, wetland and forest land, and forest flowers and wildlife are the aids, and most of them are well preserved. Humanistic tourism resources are mainly based on Mongolian customs, ancient battlefield sites, and characteristic tourism commodities, and are supported by Mongolian culture, characteristic diet, etc. Ancient Clothes and Modernism of Back to the Pearl, Kangxi Dynasty, Hanwu Emperor